Trade-In Program: Recycle, Dispose, and Donate

Linda Eigner

Would you like to get new ski goggles but don't know what to do with the old goggles? NAKED Optics has a solution for you which was introduced in 2020. With the trade-in program you can turn your old glasses into new ones and even do something good. 

How does the trade-in program work?

Old becomes new. This is possible with the NAKED Optics Trade-In program. It also works very simply. You send us your old snowboard goggles or ski goggles. Our team then breaks them down into their individual parts, recycles reusable elements and correctly disposes of the rest for you. Ski goggles that are still in good condition are selected and donated. As a thank you for participating, you will receive a voucher for your next order when ordering a pair of snow goggles. So old becomes new.

Donations for the organization SHADES OF LOVES

NAKED Optics is happy to support the organization SHADES OF LOVE with the old ski goggles. The non-profit organization specializes in eye protection and has launched the project "The Himalayan Eyecare Project".

What happens to the donated glasses?

SHADES OF LOVE collects both new and used glasses and distributes them to people in high mountain regions in the Himlaya Mountains and the Andes. Most of the population living there is at an extreme altitude of 2,500 to 6,000 meters and is exposed to dangerous UV rays. The donated glasses protect against these rays and eye diseases and help the people in the region. You can read more about the organization and the project here.

NAKED Optics Trade In program

Can I also take part in the trade-in program?

Are you wondering whether you can take part in our program? Of course! The NAKED Optics Trade-In program is here to stay. All information about You can find participation here.

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