NAKED Optics product tests: A look behind the scenes

Linda Eigner

Have you ever wondered how intensively NAKED Optics products are tested before they see the light of day? Very intensive! Make no mistake about it. 

We are developing a highly complex and fully automated test set over a period of months in order to create test conditions that are as realistic as possible. The set-up is subject to strict quality standards (at TÜV level, of course 😛). One thing is particularly important to us - safety first without compromise, because eye protection is the top priority for our glasses. Despite obstacles, such as branches and needles when freeriding or dust and dirt when biking, the eyes should be protected and remain unharmed. And that is exactly what we rigorously test.

No expense or effort (and athletes 😛) is spared to recreate the dangers in lab test conditions. You want to know what such a highly complex product test looks like? Take a look behind the scenes and see for yourself. "Better NAKED Than Sorry!"

 Here you can check out the VOLT Pro-Model in the Cobra edition.


Episode 1: Branch-resistance

Episode 2: Impact-qualities


Folge 3: Dirty-View

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