Part THREE: The Story about NAKED Optics

Linda Eigner

All good things happen when you are NAKED... that's exactly what the three founders of NAKED Optics, Flo, Chris and Phil, thought. Well, or something like that... In the third part of the story behind NAKED Optics you can find out how things went after the short-term insolvency and the large order from the producer.

Back to the roots - Back in Salzburg

Time frames: 2019, 2020

What happened during this time? Moving from Innsbruck to Salzburg, Kickstarter campaign, nervous breakdown and introduction of the trade-in program and bio-plastic 😱

Quote from Christoph zu Flo after the third complete revision of the video "Don't you think it would have been better if we had thought about a proper script beforehand?"

Since Flo and Chris do not have their roots in Innsbruck but in Salzburg, an office was sought and relocated in their home country. Over 10,000 glasses have already been purchased for the winter. But not only the NAKED ski goggles were a big project in those years. The guys organized their first Kickstarter campaign for The FALCON, expanding the range to counter seasonality. The Kickstarter campaign was very successful. The boys mainly owe this to 2 partners. One of them is Florian Dorn, who never gave up on any script changes (there were very, very many) or failed video takes. Our trademark attorney was also very important during this time. He fended off an unjustified injunction from the brand 100% and thus saved the Kickstarter campaign. Yes, you read that right, a few days after the Kickstarter launch we received an injunction. Nerves were on edge in the office. After the success against the injunction, we were able to take care and prepare the campaign.

In addition, not only the product range has grown, but also the team. We are now 5 members and together we are responsible for maintaining the web shop, purchasing and sales, customer support and for social media and content management. Team work makes the dream work 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧. The guys have already shown in the first few years that they are always motivated for new products and ideas. In 2020, the bio-plastic CO2RE® and the trade-in program were added as major milestones. 🤩 The absolute highlight was also the professionalization in the logistics area. Although the switch to full automation was initially a challenge, it has now become indispensable.


Never stop believing

Time frame: 2021 to now

What happened during this time? Team expansion, more products and designs and FFP2 mask clips

Quote from Flo: "I think Sepp is knocking his nerves off and is going to burnout soon" (Sepp is our 3D printer and has produced hundreds of FFP2 mask clips) 🥇

You have followed our story up to here and read that we have experienced and been through a lot in recent years. In 2020, however, something happened that no one did justice to and for which one could not prepare: the coronavirus pandemic. The 2020/21 winter season has been the most difficult season for us so far. Due to the closed national borders, we had to accept a 95% drop in sales in Germany. Above all, the season wasn't easy because we didn't know how things were going to continue. It was unclear if and when ski lifts would be allowed to reopen. But we didn't give up and kept going. When the lifts were allowed to open again and the FFP2 mask became a new essential when skiing, we started looking for solutions. The result was the first draft for the FFP2 mask clips, which not only made our ski season easier, but also that of our customers. In the following season, the demand for the mask clips was so great that our 3D printer Sepp almost went into burnout 🤯 We are very happy that we have mastered the hurdles of the last few years so well. The support from loyal winter sports enthusiasts, who became part of the NAKED community even when skiing was not allowed, was particularly overwhelming. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, shared constructive feedback with us, shopped and tried products. This would not have been possible without our community. What's next for us? To be continued…. #lifeisbetternaked


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