Behind the scenes: This is how new glasses are made

Hannah Neuhauser
NAKED Optics doesn't just stand for high-quality ski and sunglasses . We also constantly try to develop innovative solutions for the needs of athletes and of course also take into account the latest trends in the industry. But how exactly are our glasses made? We give you a look behind the scenes and explain the development process of our ski and sports glasses.

Brainstorming and concept development

Everything starts with an intensive brainstorming session in our team. We sit down and discuss the current problems and challenges that athletes face in the field. We also try to respond to the feedback from our customers and athletes . We also take important inspiration from the latest trends at sporting goods trade fairs in order to always stay up to date.

Development of new glasses

Design and development

For the design, we work with a freelancer who has already developed several of our glasses with us. We are constantly in close communication to bring the concept into a tangible form. If we are satisfied with the first draft, a first model is created. We use 3D printing technology to produce the models quickly and precisely. These prototypes are then tested by the team for the first time on the slopes or the road . In doing so, we collect important insights that flow into further development. There are always several rounds of feedback loops, and the 3D printing prototypes are tested by ourselves and selected athletes until we are completely satisfied with the concept and design.

Development of new glasses

Customizations and manufacturing

As soon as the geometry and fit of the new glasses convince all testers, we release the design for the creation of an injection mold. The injection molds are made of stainless steel , which is a complex and expensive process, so from this point on, almost no changes to the design are possible. The first injection molded parts are then checked again to ensure that the production meets our requirements .

Development of new glasses

Color and design variants

Once the shape of the new glasses has been defined, we start defining the different color variants . We are always looking for new inspiration and are guided by fashion colors and trends in the sports industry . When new ski goggles are developed, straps in matching colors are also designed. Here we always try to come up with new , unusual designs . We also rely on current trends and also on new technologies. Our ski goggles The NOVA Space Bears, for example, are created with artificial intelligence.

Development of new glasses

Drive and motivation

The development of our glasses is a complex process that requires a lot of time, commitment and expertise. It often takes a whole year from the first idea to the finished implementation. We are driven by our shared passion for sports and outdoor activities. We always strive to meet the requirements of our customers in order to offer them the best possible equipment .

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