trade in

With the NAKED Optics Trade-In Program you can turn your old ski goggles into new ones. The process works very simply. you send us your old used snowboard goggles or ski goggles . We will then test them for function and condition. If it is still functional, we will forward it to the organization Shades of Love donate. If the ski goggles are past their prime, we will disassemble them into individual pieces, dispose of them correctly and recycle reusable parts.

In return, when you buy one, you get one new ski goggles free replacement glass worth €29.99 or one 20% coupon .

Please note the following points:

  • the snowboard or ski goggles got to completely be (frame, glass, ribbon).
  • the sender address got to legible be noted on the package.
  • the Shipping have to worn by myself will. Unfortunately, as a small start-up, we do not yet have sufficient resources to cover the shipping costs. We ask for your understanding.
  • For returns from Switzerland, please provide an invoice with the lowest possible value (5-15€), otherwise the value will be estimated and we will have to bear the (often very high) import sales tax.

process of return

  1. Fill out the form completely.
  2. Wait for the confirmation email with the return address and personal ID.
  3. Prepare the package for shipping. Attention: Please note the return address including the registration ID!
  4. You can then send the package to us.
  5. As soon as your old ski goggles have arrived, you will receive the voucher code for your next order.