Ski goggles with your own logo: how does it work?

Linda Eigner

When a company or association makes a public appearance, one question is very important: How do I stand out from the crowd? Due to the flood of information, it is particularly important to position yourself perfectly and to develop new and creative ideas. How about, for example, marketing that not only stays in the head, but also in the head? With shared branding together with NAKED Optics, this works very easily.

What exactly is shared branding?

Shared branding, also known as shared marketing, is a popular tool to reach the target group even better and to market the products more efficiently. Two companies with similar or different target groups join forces and support each other to reach new consumers and groups. In order to stand out even better from the competition, creative concepts are of course required.

Print ski goggle strap with your own logo

Every winter sports fan knows how important high-quality ski goggles are. It not only protects our eyes, but also allows for perfect vision on the slopes. So how cool would it be to launch custom ski goggles? Through shared branding with NAKED Optics, the logo of your club, your company or your crew can be printed on the ski goggle strap. The ski goggles from NAKED Optics are also a real eye-catcher. With shared branding, all options are open to you. Both the glasses and the frame color can be selected individually. The highlight, of course, is the individually printed band with a graphic, an image or your own logo.

How can I start a cooperation with NAKED Optics?

We have aroused your interest and you would like more information about shared branding with NAKED Optics? Then write to us! We look forward to your message and working with you:

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