The future is now: NAKED Optics goals until 2025

Linda Eigner

The best way to predict your future is to create it (Abraham Lincoln) - We as the NAKED Optics team take this to heart and are happy to present the goals and projects until 2025. We love being in nature - whether on the mountain, in the forest or in the water and would like to continue to do so. It is precisely for this reason that we want to make a contribution and minimize our ecological footprint. Get ready and be part of our new projects.

  1. Innovative mixture of materials CO2RE® from renewable resources
  2. Trade-in program for old snowboard and ski goggles
  3. Saving of packaging waste

What is the idea behind the material mixture CO2RE®?

The new innovative material mixture CO2RE® is a combination of conventional petroleum-based plastic and renewable raw materials of plant origin. The idea behind the material is to produce all of our sports and ski goggles from sustainable bio-based plastic by 2025. As a result, less new carbon dioxide (CO2 ) is released into the atmosphere. You can find more information on material mixing and material extraction from the non-edible castor bean plant on our blog.

The NAKED Optics Trade-In Program

Today, unfortunately, many products are still not properly recycled or disposed of. As a team, we have dealt with the issue of disposing of various materials. This is how the idea of the trade-in program came to live. It works very simply. From this season you can send us old snowboard goggles or ski goggles. Glasses that are no longer usable and cannot be donated are then broken down into their individual parts, reusable elements are recycled and the rest disposed of correctly. In return you will receive either a free glass or a -20% voucher for your next order. So you become part of the NAKED Optics community.

Saving of packaging material

Anyone who already owns NAKED Optics sports glasses or ski goggles knows that a case is included in the scope of delivery in order to save unnecessary packaging material. These not only protect the sports and ski goggles from dirt and scratches, but also extend the life of the product through correct storage. In addition, packaging waste is also avoided and waste is minimised. We will take this concept further and save even more on unnecessary product packaging for future products.

Because There Is No Planet B

NAKED Optics is passionate about change and new ideas. For this reason we are even more excited about the trade-in program and the CO 2 RE ® material mix this winter season; to launch. Stay tuned for more!


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