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Hannah Neuhauser

For many, running and jogging is not just a popular pastime, but a lifestyle. To optimize this even more, gadgets should not be missing when jogging. We have compiled a list of the best running helpers.

Indispensable for jogging: the smartwatch

Whether it's the new best time, the distance covered or your own heart rate, there are a few factors you should keep in mind when jogging. When tracking these parameters, smartwatches are essential gadgets. You can read here what you should look out for when choosing your smartwatch and which models perform best when running.

Music should not be missing for motivation during the run

The ultimate beats or rather an informative podcast. This and much more is a welcome distraction or motivation for joggers when running. The right headphones are therefore gadgets that have become indispensable when jogging. However, the headphones can easily fall out when jogging due to shocks and rapid movements. Special brackets help to prevent this with sports headphones. You can find a comparison of the best headphones for running here.

The all-rounder among jogging gadgets: the multifunctional cloth

As a headband or scarf when it's cold, as a sweat towel when it's hot - a multifunctional scarf is, as the name suggests, versatile. These all-rounders are an absolute must, especially when jogging. You can find a selection of multifunctional scarves in different styles in the NAKED Optics online shop.

Everything under control with the right gadgets

Keys, mobile phone, small change, ... some objects must not be missing when running. But where does all that stuff go? This is where jogging gadgets come into play – running belts. These offer space for all sorts of small items, but at the same time are super flat and tight-fitting. So they don't get in the way when walking and can't slip. For longer jogging distances there are also variations to take liquids with you. There are many different running belts here, for example.

For jogging in any weather: sports glasses

The sun is shining and it's the perfect weather to go jogging. Unfortunately, the sun can also quickly become a nuisance. So that this doesn't happen to you and your eyes are also optimally protected from UV radiation, sunglasses are gadgets that should not be missing when jogging. In addition, the sports glasses also protect against wind, dust and small animals. The NAKED Optics Store has the right model for everyone.

The optimal regeneration after the run with the massage pistol

Sore muscles after jogging - who doesn't know it? In order to do something good for the body, gadgets that stimulate regeneration come into play after jogging. Tense muscles and stuck fascia are loosened by means of pressure waves with so-called massage pistols. So you can start the next training session faster. But even before the run, a treatment with the massage gun can loosen the fascia and thus improve the range of motion of the muscles. Here you can find out more about the massage gadgets.

The perfect balance to jogging: Thera bands

One-sided training that focuses on just a few parts of the body can upset the body's balance. In order to avoid and compensate for these imbalances, so-called compensatory training is essential when jogging. Painful ankles and knees can be counteracted with various exercises. Gadgets are very popular with joggers for this balancing training. Thera-bands are well suited for muscle-strengthening exercises but also for stretching. You can find a workout with the Theraband here.

Even more gadgets for runners

Want to know more about what joggers need? Then take a look at our gift guide for runners.


Credits: Florian Dorn

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