Slush Season Guide: Snowboarding and Skiing in Spring

Philomena Scheid

Slush season – this is the time when the snow becomes soft, the sun warms up and we can really let off steam on the slopes. Here's your ultimate guide to making the most of spring on snowboard or ski.


Whats Slush Snow?

Slush, also known as spring snow, is characterized by its soft, wet consistency. Due to the higher temperatures during the day and the colder nights, the snow begins to melt and turns into a mixture of snow and water.


Preparation is everything: grow us equipment

Spring conditions require certain adjustments to your equipment. Soft snow slows you down and in order to still be able to build up speed, you should definitely wax your board or skis beforehand. It is best to use special wax for warm temperatures.

On such days, snowboarders should use a soft snowboard and skiers should use wider skis with lots of float.


Protection from too much sun

In warm and sunny weather conditions, you should definitely apply plenty of sunscreen beforehand. But it's not just your skin that's sensitive to the sun, you should also protect your eyes from too many UV rays. It's best to use stylish ski goggles, like the NOVA Steep .


Outfit choice

Due to the milder temperatures in spring, you don't have to wear as many layers and can go wild in terms of style. Make the elevator queue your personal catwalk and choose lighter, breathable clothing that offers plenty of freedom of movement.


Show them what you've got!

Now is your time to shine! You've worked diligently on your skills all winter long and you can now put them to the test. The soft snow also reduces the risk of injury and you have less to worry about.

And remember, the season is almost over, so take advantage of every minute on the mountain and have fun!

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