The Best Gifts for Runners: The Ultimate Gifts Guide

Hannah Neuhauser

You want to make your running enthusiastic friend or family member happy? Not so easy, because runners often have different requirements. But with our tips you are sure to find the best gifts for runners.

The perfect gift for joggers to start with: running analysis

The optimal basis for starting a successful running career is a professional running analysis. The runner is filmed and evaluated by medical staff. The experts give tips on how to improve the running technique. This leads to a more effective and healthier running technique. In this way, complaints and injuries can be avoided.

This gift makes runners' hearts beat faster: Runtastic membership

Adidas Running by Runtastic is probably the best-known app for tracking runners and joggers. It can be used to track distances, speeds, calories, heart rates and much more. Thanks to the many different features, the app can also be easily personalized and used for 94 other sports. You can find out more about Runtastic here.

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Find out if the person you want to gift is already using another app. Memberships for other apps also make great gifts for runners.

Stay hydrated during the run: gift tip running vest

Long-distance runners in particular must always make sure they drink enough while running. What helps with this are running vests. These ergonomic carrying straps offer storage space for sufficient liquid as well as other small items such as mobile phone and keys. You can find a selection of the best running vests in comparison here.

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Depending on the running distance and duration, runners need different amounts of liquid. As gifts for runners, you should therefore adjust the filling volume of the hydration vest to your friend's average distance run.

A real eye-catcher for runners: running goggles

Running goggles are a classic gift for runners. They protect the eyes from wind, dust, small animals and sunlight. Our NAKED Optics sports glasses ensure optimal vision and the right style.

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Can't decide on a model? Then simply give away a voucher.

When it comes to gifts, safety comes first

Especially runners who like to go running early in the morning or late in the evening have to pay special attention to their safety. But special caution is also required in autumn and winter. In the dark, an unlit runner can easily be overlooked. An absolute must among gifts for runners are therefore reflectors and headlamps. Reflectors are available directly in clothing or as additional equipment. Headlamps also offer the advantage that they illuminate the way in the dark. For runners who like to run away from street lights, lamps are more suitable. You can find an overview of the best models here.

These are not good gifts for runners

When giving away running equipment, you should avoid shoes and clothing. The variants of running shoes are numerous and very individually adapted to different running behavior. Runners often have to try these out themselves to know if the shoe really fits. It's the same with running clothes. This should be snug and yet comfortable. It often even takes a short test run to see if the runner can move well in all directions. If you still want to give away shoes or clothing, you can do so in the form of vouchers.

More gadgets for runners

Still not found the right one? Here is another list of the most popular gadgets for runners.


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