Trend sport splitboarding - everything you should know about it

Hannah Neuhauser

The prices for ski passes have been rising for years and so the question arises for many enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders, is there a cheap alternative? Ski touring has been established for several years now, especially for skiers. But it wasn't that easy for snowboarders for a long time. Finally, an alternative way for snowboarders to get up the mountain is gaining ground: the splitboard.

Splitboarding: ski tours for snowboarders

Whether you're really looking for a cheap way to snowboard, or you're more interested in the physical exertion or the untouched areas, a splitboard can make it possible. As the name suggests, the special thing about a splitboard is the possibility of dividing the board in the middle. This means you now have two ski like parts instead of just one board. With these you can then go up the mountain like on a ski tour. At the top, these are reunited into one board and you can enjoy your run as usual. In contrast to conventional snowboarding, however, the time you spend climbing or descending turns around here. 90% of the time you spend ascension. This ensures a completely new experience with your snowboard.

New possibilities thanks to splitboard

Since you are no longer dependent on a lift for the ascent, splitboarding opens up new possibilities and descents. Of course you can start your splitboarding route in a ski area. So you can enjoy a challenging ascent and well-maintained and groomed slopes. A splitboard tour in the ski area is particularly suitable for beginners. So you can get used to the new sport under the best conditions. If you want to learn more about how to tackle your first tour with a splitboard, you can read about it on our blog. However, you can also reach routes that are not accessible with the lift by climbing yourself with the splitboard. Remote nature, untouched slopes and the feeling of being far away from other snowboarders and skiers is the greatest temptation for many. The so-called backcountry splitboarding is particularly popular with freeriders and powder enthusiasts. However, this form of splitboarding should only be practiced by experienced people. Deep snow, trees and various obstacles can push you and your board to your limits. For this you not only need good snowboard skills, but also experience in deep snow and the right avalanche equipment. Here you can find out more about how to ensure your own safety when splitboarding and ski touring.

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credits: Florian Dorn 

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