Ski Touring for Beginners: What do I need to consider?

Linda Eigner

The hype about ski touring has gripped many winter sports enthusiasts. The attraction behind the sport is above all the demanding ascent in a breathtaking winter landscape, the descent far away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes and the independence from the lifts. However, a new sport also brings with it a number of questions. In this blog article we have summarized the most important points that you should consider on your first ski tour.

The fascination of ski touring: Am I ready?

Before your first ski tour starts, you should consider one thing above all - you have to be in the right physical condition. This means that in addition to health, a sporting starting level of endurance is also required. Even shorter tours can be challenging due to the incline. After the ascent you have to be able to ski down the mountain. Therefore, it is of course important that you enjoy skiing down in the snow. It can be demanding skiing down in difficult conditions and circumstances. Therefore, the descent should not be underestimated. 

How do I plan my first ski tour?

As a beginner, it is particularly important that you choose a suitable tour. You should pay particular attention to one thing: Do not overwhelm. Many winter sports enthusiasts tend to want to hit the ground running on their first tour. As a beginner, however, you should approach it slowly and get a first feel for the slope and the material. It is therefore advisable to tackle the first ascents at the edge of the piste. This means that the first ski tour should definitely be on a marked slope. You can read more about ski tours on the slopes here.

You should also have a ski touring partner with you at the beginning. It doesn’t matter whether you have an experienced friend or even a guided ski tour group – you shouldn’t set off alone to get to know the material and the sport.

You can find more information about ski touring courses for beginners here.

From the slopes to the terrain: Be patient

Ski touring requires a lot of practice and, above all, experience. The first tours are a slow approach. After the first few times you will get to know the material and find the right technique for you. Afterwards you can choose more challenging routes and make tracks in open terrain. So a lot of patience is required in the beginning. Then it's already time - on the touring skis - ready - go!

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Photo: Markus Trattner

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