Sports glasses for people who wear glasses: what are the options?

Linda Eigner

When it comes to outdoor sports, it is important to have an optimal and perfect view at all times. This is the only way to avoid accidents and injuries. When vision isn't optimal, it's harder to see bumps, avoid obstacles, follow trails, or dodge critters, dust, and dirt. Wearing sports glasses is therefore essential. Finding the right model is not that easy, especially if you wear glasses and need optical vision aids. You can read in this article which options are available to athletes with visual impairments and what the differences are.

Sports ametropia: what can I do?

A perfect view during sports is a basic requirement for top performance, great experiences, fun and also safety. If you depend on prescription glasses in everyday life, you should definitely not do without them when doing sports. But on the contrary. The visual aid is essential. Many athletes use contact lenses during activities. Daily lenses are ideal for sports and can be worn for cycling, running or even swimming. However, contact lenses are not for everyone. Many people struggle with irritated eyes or have trouble inserting contact lenses. So if lenses are not an option, then there are other options for eyeglass wearers.

Different types of sports glasses for glasses wearers

Optical inserts for sports glasses

An option for spectacle wearers is the optical insert. With this variant, the clip-in can be individually adjusted to the eyesight and then fixed in the sports glasses. The glazing usually has to be done by your own optician. An optical insert made of transparent plastic is also available for the sports glasses The HAWK and can be easily ordered in the online shop.

Sports glasses for spectacle wearers with direct glazing

Outdoor athletes who normally wear optical glasses also prefer to use sports glasses with optical lenses when doing sports. In the case of direct glazing, the optical corrective lenses are ground to your individual prescription and then inserted directly into the frame.

💡 Good to know 💡: Sports glasses with optical lenses may only be offered and sold if you have an optician's license. If you don't have that, then you can't sell sports glasses with direct lenses to customers.

Adapter glazing for people with visual impairments

Some eyewear retailers also offer adapter lenses for sports goggles. The lenses are ground to the individual prescription and mounted in an adapter. The adapter can then be attached to the frame of the sports glasses.

What should I look out for when buying sports glasses?

In addition to optimal vision and the best UV protection, sports glasses have other functions to fulfill. What you should pay attention to when buying, you can read here in the blog article.

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