Lens Types of Ski Goggles – Cylindrical VS. Spherical

Hannah Neuhauser

Have you ever wondered why ski goggles actually have different shapes, i.e. are curved differently? Well, maybe not. :) Nevertheless, the shape of the ski goggle lens can be an important purchase decision for you. We explain what types there are and why you should know about them. 

Very trendy: the spherical lens

Spherical ski goggle lenses can be recognized by their three-dimensional curvature. If you don't know what to do with this statement, no problem! To put it simply, these are the ski goggles that look spherical. The NAKED Optics ski goggle models The STORM and The FORCE EVO have these spherical lenses. The shape of the ski goggle lenses is adapted to the human eye, so it also has an outward curvature. This enables a particularly wide field of vision when skiing and snowboarding. This increased view is especially beneficial for freeriders who need to keep an eye on the uneven terrain. Due to the curvature, however, optical distortions of objects can also occur. This effect can be observed particularly in spectacle wearers. The straight lens of optical glasses and the curved lens of ski goggles can lead to distorted images. 

The classic: the cylindrical lens 

Ski goggles with a cylindrical lens are only curved in one direction. They have a flat and straight look. This adapts perfectly to the shape of your face. In the NAKED online shop you will find the models The NOVA and The TROOP EVO with cylindrical lenses. Even if you can be sure that the images will not be distorted with cylindrical ski goggle lenses, you have to reckon with a restriction of your viewing angle. This form of ski goggles is particularly well suited for people who wear glasses, since the gas shape also adapts to the shape of optical glasses. 

Stay true to your style 

Both spherical and cylindrical ski goggles have advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the types of glass, you have to weigh up which aspects are particularly important to you. Ultimately, personal style is also an important decision-making criterion. While cylindrical ski goggle lenses almost have a vintage vib , spherical ski goggles look more futuristic. 

💡 NAKED Optics insider tip 💡 

When choosing your ski goggles, you should also pay attention to your helmet. You can find out which helmets go best with which ski goggles in our ski helmet guide.


Credits: Florian Dorn

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