Beach volleyball sunglasses: How to find the perfect one

Linda Eigner

Summer, sun, beach and more... Those are the perfect circumstances for playing volleyball. Unfortunately, the eyes don't quite take part. When you look up at the ball you are constantly blinded and somehow you have grains of sand in your eyes the whole time. The solution: you need beach volleyball glasses! In this blog you will learn how to best protect your eyes and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Why do you need Beach volleyball sunglasses?

Whenever the sun shines, your eyes are exposed to UV radiation. In summer this intensity is even higher, also in beach volleyball. Since you are always looking up at the sky and directly into the sun, the exposure to UV rays is particularly high. You've probably also noticed that you can't see the ball so well when the sun is blinding you. Due to the sand on the volleyball court and often also the adjacent water, the sunlight is additionally reflected from the ground. This means that you can also be blinded. In addition to the glare, beach volleyball glasses can also protect you from another annoying phenomenon: grains of sand in the eye.

That requires the perfect beach volleyball glasses

In order to be optimally suited as beach volleyball glasses, the special sunglasses must meet a number of criteria. Sunglasses that are adapted to the shape of the face, i.e. curved, are best suited for beach volleyball. In contrast to straight glasses, there is almost no gap between the glasses and the face through which the sun's rays and grains of sand can get into your eyes. Your beach glasses should also be made of plastic. The material makes the glasses lighter and doesn't press on your nose or ears. In contrast to glass, wood and metal, plastic also has another advantage: it is less prone to break. At the latest when you've gotten a volleyball in your face, you'll know why it's so important for the sport. You should therefore choose both frames and lenses for your beach volleyball glasses in such a way that they do not break, otherwise splinters could injure your eyes.

These extras enhance your Beach volleyball glasses

At the latest when you play for the first time, you will notice that sunglasses make beach volleyball much more pleasant and fun. And with a few little extra touches, the next match will be even better, for example polarized lenses. These protect your eyes from reflected light, which means that you cannot be dazzled by light-colored sand or water surfaces. Another practical feature are glasses straps. With these, your sunglasses stay firmly on your face during beach volleyball and cannot slip. Sweat can also become annoying when playing in the sun. If you are familiar with this problem, you should use glasses with an integrated sweatband.

You should avoid this with your beach volleyball sunglasses

If you are looking for sunglasses to play beach volleyball, you should avoid glasses with yellow and orange lenses. These lens colors are not suitable for the beach, because the color tone blurs the contrasts in the sand. So it is better to use blue, green, gray or red lenses.

The NAKED Optics sunglasses: Beach volleyball

In the NAKED Optics online shop you will find a large selection of sunglasses that are ideal for beach volleyball. The models The CHARGE and The RUSH are inexpensive all-rounder sports glasses that fit tightly to your face and thus protect your eyes optimally. Its low weight also makes it comfortable to wear during sports. The sports glasses The VOLT , The HAWK and The FALCON impress with their interchangeable lens system. With this you always have the optimal glass for every weather situation. In addition, the sports glasses come in an extensive bundle.

Credits: Florian Dorn

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