Ski touring in spring

Linda Eigner

For many ski tour lovers, spring is the better winter. Sunny weather and soft snow await you on the mountain. But what exactly is behind the hype? Here in the blog article we have summarized for you what you generally have to consider for a tour in spring and why the firn is perfect for a tour.

Spring tour: Firn and sunshine on the mountain

The best months for spring ski touring are March, April and May. Many great spring tours are waiting for you during this period. The best thing about it: the firn. But what exactly is that? When the night is clear and cold, the snowpack freezes. During the day, the snow cover then softens again and slumps down 10 to 20 cm. The snow cover then freezes again the following night. The slightly softened snow is called firn.

When is the best time for a ski tour in spring?

The firn, also known as corn snow, is not found on the routes all day in spring. There is a certain window of time when you can find the perfect conditions. Experts recommend starting the tour as early as possible to finish around 11am. As a result, the ground is still icy on the ascent and the firn descent. If you put on your skis too late and miss the time, it can happen that the snow becomes too soft and you won't find any more firn. Of course, snow that is too soft also increases the risk of avalanches. Therefore, the motto applies: Better to start earlier than later. So – set the alarm clock, pack your headlamp and then you can start. 🔦

The perfect ski touring equipment

Whether in winter or spring - the right equipment is essential and very important. Don't forget this:

  • Suncream
  • Sports sunglasses ( The HAWK or The Falcon )
  • Helmet for the descent
  • Avalanche transceiver (LVS)
  • Avalanche Airbag Backpack
  • First aid kit
  • Crampons

Spring in the valley - winter on the mountain: Note the weather conditions

In spring you can't always rely on the warm and sunny conditions. Even if everything is already blooming in the valley, you will find different conditions on the mountain or higher up on the glacier, such as cold temperatures, wind or poor visibility. Therefore, you should definitely check the weather at the summit in advance and take the right equipment with you. If the weather deteriorates rapidly during the tour, then you should definitely listen to your gut feeling and turn around once too often than once too little - better safe than sorry. The next ski tour will definitely come 😉

Ski touring for beginners: what do you have to consider on your first tour?

Are you daring to go on a ski tour for the first time? Have fun - you will love it 😊 Here you will find important tips for your first ski tour.

Credits: Florian Dorn

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