Cleaning sports glasses: Helpful hints and tricks

Linda Eigner

Once you have found the perfect sports glasses for your leisure activities, you should use them for as long as possible. Your NAKED Optics crew has very simple hints and tricks for you to extend the life of your sunglasses or of your sports glasses. In this way you make your companion almost immortal during sporting activities.


Dry cleaning of the sports glasses with the microfiber cloth

Light, comfortable and space-saving: If you are on the go or need to clean quickly, then you should always use a microfiber cloth. You can use the cleaning cloth to remove dirt or dry the lens. But be careful: Don't rub too hard! Otherwise you can damage your glasses.


Lens sprays for cleaning sports glasses

Recommendation of the glasses experts for cleaning in between: lens sprays. These can either be ordered online or simply bought from an optician nearby. The lens sprays are ideal for liquid cleaning when no water is available. Spraying is always better for sports glasses than wiping over them. Dust grains can be more easily rubbed into the coating when wiping.


Regular cleaning and care of the sports glasses with water

However, the best way to remove dirt from the lenses is with running, lukewarm water. It should not be too cold and not too hot, otherwise the coating of the lenses could be damaged. A PH-neutral soap can also be used for cleaning. Once the dirt on the sports glasses has been removed, it is very important to be sure to let them dry. You should not immediately put the glasses back in the case.

NAKED Optics insider tip: Our sports glasses The FALCON are easier to clean with water if you remove the lens out of the frame.


Extending the life of sports glasses: the right way to store them

If the sports glasses are not being used, then they should definitely be stowed away in a case. Thus, the glasses are constantly protected and dirt and scratches don't stand a chance. If you don't have a case nearby, you can simply place the sports glasses on the temples with the lenses facing up.


Be careful, especially in the warm season

In the summer, there are a few things to keep in mind when storing your sunglasses. Temperatures of more than 80 degrees Celsius damage your sports glasses. Therefore, never leave your sunglasses – with or without a case – on the dashboard of the car. If sand and salt deposits have collected on the glasses after a sunny day on the beach, then they must be cleaned. It is best to rinse the lenses thoroughly with lukewarm water.


No-Gos when cleaning glasses: paper handkerchiefs and clothing

Unfortunately, there are also practical tools that you should never use. Many people who wear glasses use paper handkerchiefs to clean their glasses. However, these contain mineral fillers and therefore act like sandpaper when rubbed. Tissues suck up the dust and dirt and can push the particles into the glass surface.


You should never use your clothes to clean your goggles. The sweater sleeve can cause micro-scratches. These scratches allow rays to come through the lenses and affect your vision. Microfiber scratches cannot be removed from both plastic and mineral lenses.


Perfect perspective with your NAKED Optics sports glasses

As you can see, there are a few things to consider when cleaning and storing your sports glasses. However, the simple steps increase the lifespan of your sunglasses and extend the view with your NAKED Optics sports glasses. If you have any questions about cleaning the lenses, you can contact us at any time:


Photo: Andreas Putz

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