Care and service of glasses: This is how to repair glasses

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Sports glasses and sunglasses offer important protection for our eyes. As soon as you have found the right pair of glasses, you want to keep them for as long as possible. In this blog article, you will learn more about how to properly care for your glasses, how to fix common problems and how to extend their lifespan. From cleaning the lenses to getting replacement parts, discover simple tips and tricks to get the most out of your glasses.


What you will find in this guide:

  1. Common problems with sports glasses and sunglasses
  2. How to find and replace spare parts for sports glasses and sunglasses
  3. Ultimate guide to maintenance and cleaning of sports glasses and sunglasses
  4. Proper storage of sports glasses and sunglasses: tips for a longer lifespan


Common problems with sports glasses and sunglasses

It often happens very quickly and boom – the glasses are damaged, bent, broken or scratched. Sometimes only individual parts of the product are affected, which can then be replaced or repaired without completely disposing the whole pair of glasses. Depending on the point of fracture and the material, there are individual repair options for sports glasses or sunglasses. It can also happen that the nose pad or a screw is lost. If that's the case, don't worry - help can be provided and the problem can be fixed easily. 


How to find and replace spare parts for sports glasses and sunglasses

Can you glue a broken eyeglass frame? Can glasses frames be repaired? What to do if the frame of glasses is broken? These are questions that go through your head when your glasses are damaged. We tell you which spare parts for sports glasses and sunglasses are available and how you can replace them.

Where can you get small screws for glasses?

If you lose small screws for glasses, you should definitely contact the seller of the glasses, as they often have the right screws for your model in stock and can help you in just a few minutes.

Broken frame of the glasses - what to do?

A broken temple is often the issue of damaged glasses. Sometimes the reason for this is the loss of a screw or a broken hinge. Depending on the point of breakage, you can simply get a replacement temple and continue using the glasses. To determine how the glasses can be repaired, you should contact the seller.

How to repair a broken frame 

If the frame of your glasses breaks, it does not necessarily mean that you have to get completely new glasses. Some manufacturers offer replacement frames for sale. Be careful: Never try to clue the broken frame. Once there is a breakage, safety is no longer guaranteed and the frame should definitely be replaced.

Scratches on lenses: What to do? Help with scratched lenses

No matter how careful you are, it can always happen that a scratch occurs on the lens. Unfortunately, if there is a scratch on the lens, there is nothing you can do. Polishing or cleaning can even have the opposite effect and damage the delicate glass material. In this case, you should grab replacement lenses and dispose of the defective lens to protect your eyes 100% from dirt, dust and UV rays.

Buy spare parts for glasses online

Whether it's a sweatband, retainer, glasses strap, case or pair of temples - some spare parts for sports glasses and sunglasses can often be reordered directly in the online shop. Make sure that you order the spare parts for the right model so that the accessories really fit. Here you can check out the NAKED Optics spare parts.


Ultimate guide to maintenance and cleaning of sports glasses and sunglasses

Regular and correct cleaning of sports glasses and sunglasses is the be-all and end-all to remove dirt, dust and fingerprints. It is important not to use chemical and aggressive cleaning agents in order not to damage the glasses and the lens coating. Maintenance and regular fit checks are also essential to ensure the goggles fit properly and are comfortable, thereby providing adequate protection. You can find more tips and tricks for cleaning the lenses here.


Proper storage of sports glasses and sunglasses: Tips for a longer lifespan

Storage in case: To avoid scratches and damage, it is important to store sports glasses in a case. Also, avoid storing it loosely in a backpack or placing it on hard surfaces.

Beware of warm temperatures: Particularly hot temperatures can cause serious damage to your glasses, especially on the car dashboard. Therefore, be sure to keep your sports glasses in a case in a safe place.

Stay away from handkerchiefs & co: Although paper handkerchiefs and clothing would be practical and useful for cleaning, they should never be used for this matter. Sweater sleeves cause micro-scratches on the surface of the lenses and vision is impaired. Microfiber scratches can no longer be removed from both plastic and mineral lenses.

My sports glasses are damaged. How should I proceed?

Are your ski goggles, sports goggles or sunglasses damaged and you don't know how to proceed? Feel free to contact our customer support directly and send a photo of your issue. We will examine the defect closely and provide you with a suitable solution:


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