New ski goggles, which size suits you?

Hannah Neuhauser

Are you about to stock up for the new winter season, but don't know which ski goggles are the right size for you? No problem, we'll help you find the ski goggles that really suit you and explain what to look out for when buying one.

Fit of the ski goggles - the right size is the be-all and end-all

First things first: How should ski goggles fit? This question arises at the very beginning of every ski goggle purchase. You can tell whether the ski goggles fit by the fact that the foam sits evenly on the face. There should be no gaps between the skin and the foam. On the other hand, the foam should not press. Since every face is a different shape, finding the right size can sometimes be difficult. Fits specified by the manufacturer can help ensure that everyone can find the right model. A medium fit is a kind of average size and is suitable for most people. Large Fit, on the other hand, is slightly larger and therefore for people with larger heads and faces. Or for all those who like to wear their ski goggles particularly large or who need a particularly wide field of vision. Small Fit, on the other hand, are ski goggles for small faces. These are designed for children and young people. But people with narrow faces can also fall back on this fit.

Spherical or cylindrical glass, does it make a difference?

Cylindrical lenses are only curved in one direction. These lenses give the goggles a flat and straight look. Spherical lenses are curved in two directions and are somewhat reminiscent of a dome. This lens shape is based on the curvature of the eyes. It therefore gives the ski goggles a particularly wide field of vision. But the different shapes of ski goggles also have an effect on the size of the ski goggles. Due to the additional curvature, spherical glasses appear smaller than cylindrical ones. Even if they are actually almost the same size.

Here you can find out more about the different functions of ski goggle lenses.

Your face, your ski goggles - finding the right size made easy

NAKED Optics has a wide range of different ski goggle models. In order to decide on the right glasses, it can be helpful to measure your face and compare the dimensions with those of our ski goggles. In our online shop you will find a graphic with the exact dimensions for each model of glasses. NAKED Optics ski goggles are generally a bit larger. However, there are of course a few differences between the models.

Ski goggles for small faces

People with narrower belays often have trouble finding ski goggles that fit. Our insider tip is therefore The TROOP Youth. It is not only suitable for children and young people. Due to the smaller dimensions, the ski goggles are also the right size for petite adults .

No ski helmet without ski goggles - which size fits your helmet?

Ultimately, when choosing your ski goggles, it's not just the size of your face that matters, but also your helmet. Due to the different models on the market, it is not so easy to find a suitable combination of ski helmet and goggles . To make your choice easier, we've put together our favorite matches for you.


Credits: Florian Dorn

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