New ski goggles – which lens color is the right one?

Hannah Neuhauser

If you are looking for new ski or snowboard goggles, you will inevitably come across different ski goggle lenses. But why are there different lenses? Does it make a difference what color ski goggles are? The answer is quite clear: YES! Because the different lens colors of the ski goggles not only look good, they have a crucial function: protecting the eyes. You can find out how this works and what you have to pay attention to when buying here in the NAKED Optics ski goggle lens guide.

Which color – Ski goggles are not just ski goggles

Have you ever wondered why the lenses of ski goggles have different colors? The colors should not only match your outfit, but also have another very important function: protecting the eyes through the respective light transmission. You can use the tint of the lenses to determine how much light passes through the lens. The VLT values ​​( visible light transmission) are also used to ensure that you really find the right lens for the respective conditions. The VLT value is expressed as a percentage (%) and classified into five categories (CAT). The higher the light transmission %, the more light comes through the glass. If ski goggles have clear lenses, more light can enter. This is especially important in bad weather conditions, such as snow or fog. On the other hand, ski goggles with dark-tinted lenses don't let in as much light, which means that ski goggle lenses are suitable for particularly sunny days.

Ski goggles – which lens color for which weather?

So that you can see at a glance which lens color is best suited to the current weather conditions, we have summarized the different categories for you:

Light Transmission (VLT)

Category (CAT.)


Suitable for


CAT. 0

Very little light

Night skiing


CAT. 1

Little light and bad conditions

Snowfall and fog



Variable to normal conditions

Cloudy and partly sunny weather


CAT. 3

Normal to fair conditions

Bright daylight


CAT. 4

Very nice conditions

Bright sunshine / glaciers


Which ski goggle lens color do you need?

When it comes to ski goggle lenses, there is unfortunately no one-size-fits-all solution for all types of weather. Rather, the motto here is "it's all in the mix". In order to be able to swap between different lens types as quickly as possible, our NAKED Optics ski goggles are equipped with a SnapTech magnet exchange system fitted. So you can change your ski goggle lenses within a few moments. Find your perfect mix and visit the NAKED Optics online shop.

The right lens color protects your eyes

When the weather is nice, ski goggles also take on the function of UV protection . Dark-tinted glasses prevent the sun's rays from entering your eyes directly. You can find out exactly how this works here.


Credits: Florian Dorn

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