It's a match! These sports glasses match your bike helmet

Linda Eigner

It doesn't matter whether it's road cycling, mountain biking, cross-country or e-biking: safety comes first and should not be neglected when choosing the right equipment. Bicycle helmets are indispensable for bike rides. But how do you find the right helmet for cycling? This is really not an easy task. Many questions such as "How much does a good bicycle helmet cost?", "What helmet size do I need?" and "What are the best bicycle helmets?" must be answered in advance in order to ultimately find the perfect head protection. In this guide you will find the answers to the most important questions and recommendations for suitable helmets for biking.

What can I find in this bike helmet guide?

  1. What do you have to consider when buying a bicycle helmet?
  2. Different helmet safety systems
  3. How does a helmet fit properly?
  4. What helmet size do I need?
  5. Ordering a bike helmet online: How do I measure my head circumference?
  6. Bike helmets tested in 2022: these helmets go with NAKED sports glasses and bike goggles

    What do you have to consider when buying a bicycle helmet?

    Of course, a bicycle helmet is not just a bicycle helmet. There are different models specifically for road cycling, MTB, downhill biking or cross-country. When riding downhill, a full-face helmet is usually used to protect the head even at high speeds and rapid curves. Half- shell helmets in different designs are used for MTB, e-biking, racing cycling, BMX, gravel biking or leisurely city bike tours, depending on the riding style. Basically, more areas are covered with an MTB helmet than with a road bike helmet. According to statistics, racing cyclists tend to fall forward. Mountain bikers, on the other hand, fall in all different directions. Mountain bike helmets therefore have to protect the back of the head and the temples in particular, while road bike helmets have to protect the front of the head and the face. No matter which helmet you ultimately choose, two functions are very important: the safety system and the ventilation system of a bicycle helmet. For optimal ventilation, the helmets are equipped with so-called ventilation slots so that the air can circulate well. In addition, good bicycle helmets must also ensure that the head is sufficiently cooled and that the air flow is directed through the helmet.

    Helmet safety systems: how do I know if a helmet has been tested?

    Basically, there are different security procedures and security tests. Helmets that have been tested are provided with a DIN EN. In this test, the helmets undergo an intensive process and crash scenarios to test safety. If a helmet has passed, it is marked with the DIN standard DIN EN 1078, or with children's helmets DIN EN 1079. There is also the GS seal (tested safety) and the CE seal of approval. The GS seal confirms that the helmet passed the fall test and thus received the tested safety. With the CE test seal, the helmet meets the safety requirements of the relevant EC directives.

    What is the MIPS system?

    If you are looking for a bicycle helmet, you will also come across the Mips system. Mips stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. The system is available in different versions and offers additional protection through a lining inside the helmet. The Mips system is so important at impact because it allows your head and helmet to move towards each other. Many common models are already equipped with the Mips system.

    How does a helmet fit properly?

    You can easily test whether a bicycle helmet fits properly. Put on the helmet and initially leave the chin strap open so that you can adjust the bicycle helmet correctly. This works on most models on the back. There is a small wheel there. When adjusting it is important to ensure that the helmet fits snugly against the head without pinching. After that you can fasten the chin strap and shake your head to check if the helmet fits properly. If it doesn't wobble or slip, then you've found the right set-up for you.

    What helmet size do I need?

    There is no way around trying to find the perfect helmet. The helmet can only protect you from accidents and injuries if it fits well. The different sizes of bicycle helmets are usually specified in XS to XL or in centimetres. For the information in centimeters you need your head circumference.

    Ordering a bike helmet online: How do I measure my head circumference?

    If you don't have the opportunity to try the helmet in a sports shop, you can also order the bike helmet online with ease. What you need for this: Your head circumference. All you need is a measuring tape. Place it an inch above your eyebrows. Now guide it as straight as possible around your head. The band should be on the head just above the ears. Now you can read your head circumference.

    Price comparison: Cost of bicycle helmets

    Of course, the question of cost is also very important to clarify before you buy a helmet. The cheapest helmets are available from around €40. Bike helmets with more features or with a MIPS system start at around €100. In principle, the following also applies: The more areas of the head are covered by the helmet, the higher the costs.

    These helmets match the NAKED sports glasses and bike glasses

    So far so good. For a comfortable fit, the helmet must also close with the sports glasses in such a way that the helmet does not slip when biking. We have tested some models (especially MTB helmets) with the NAKED Optics glasses for you and made some recommendations for you.

    We tested the blue POC Tectal (55-58cm) for you. Our TROOP Bike and The FALCON models fit perfectly with the helmet.


    Alpina helmets are also often found among cyclists. Alpina is a subsidiary of the uvex sports group and has a number of bicycle helmets in its range. We tested a helmet in size 52-57cm. For the helmet we can recommend our models The HAWK and TROOP Bike .


    FOX was also represented in our bike helmet test with the FOX Speedframe in size M. Our bike glasses The FALCON and TROOP Bike fit perfectly and ensure a comfortable set-up.


    We also tested a model from Abus (51-55cm) in our bicycle helmet test. The downhill goggles TROOP Bike and The HAWK fit perfectly and provide perfect protection.


    We can also recommend our top sellers The FALCON and TROOP Bike for the Giro helmet (54-61cm).


    iXS is a company that specializes in highly functional protective clothing for cyclists. They also have bicycle helmets in their range. We have tested a model in the size 54-58cm and can recommend our cycling glasses TROOP Bike and The HAWK .


    Bell is another popular bike helmet company based out of the Los Angeles area. During the test, the helmet was combined with our models The FALCON and TROOP Bike .


    Our model also wore a UVEX helmet in the size 52-57cm during the bicycle helmet test. Both our downhill goggles TROOP Bike and our cycling goggles The HAWK have an optimal finish and in combination offer a comfortable fit.

    Matching cycling glasses for cycling helmets for men and women

    The bike and downhill glasses from NAKED Optics therefore match the most modern models on the bike helmet market. If you would like to check whether there are already cyclists with your helmet in the NAKED community, then simply visit us on Instagram. Our girls and boys are happy to share their experiences and equipment: #nakedoptics #lifeisbetternaked

    Credits: Christiane Freimman

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