It's a match! These ski goggles match your ski helmet!

Linda Eigner

Who knows this scenario: The helmet slips with every swing and the goggles don't close properly on the helmet. This creates a slit on the forehead, it constantly draws air through and you are not protected from snow and cold. This is probably the most annoying thing that can happen to you when buying a helmet and ski goggles. Fun fact: A whole day has even been dedicated to this scenario in America. On the so-called "Gaper Day" on April 1st, crazy styles are unpacked and the annoying gap between the helmet and the ski goggles is celebrated. So that you don't have to worry about a slit on your forehead and find the right NAKED Optics ski goggles for your ski helmet, we have a few tips for you that can make your purchase easier.

What do I have to consider when buying my ski helmet?

If you are faced with the difficult decision of which helmet to order or buy, then it is definitely important that you know your measurements. This might sound a little strange, but just grab a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. He will thank you at the latest when wearing the ski helmet. You can also easily test whether you already have the right helmet at home or not: your helmet should not fall off, slip or pinch, even if it is open and you move your head.

The right ski helmet: safety features

Nowadays many helmets are already equipped with a MIPS. MIPS stands for "Multi-directional Impact Protection System" and protects your head from rotational forces even in the event of an oblique impact. Unlike helmets without MIPS, this system has an additional layer of plastic attached to the inside of the helmet. This layer is mobile. So if you fall, your head is protected on one side by the helmet itself. On the other hand, the MIPS helps to reduce the rotational forces of the fall.

Matching ski goggles to the helmet: types of ski helmets

The design of the helmet can also make a huge difference in terms of comfort. Have you ever heard of hard shell helmets and in-mold helmets? Those are the two dominant designs. The hard shell helmets have a hard two centimeter thick outer shell, which can be made of hard plastic or carbon. Underneath this shell is a fabric-absorbing layer of compressed foam beads. The connection of the inner and outer layer creates a ventilation system, which allows the wind to flow through from the front to the back when carving down the piste, thus transporting heat and moisture away. Hard shell helmets are particularly popular with racers, freeriders and freestylers. The expression of the In-Mold construction also makes its rounds again and again. The outer shell of these helmets is thin and hard, making the ski helmet very light. The shell is also directly bonded to impact resistant insulation material. Openings on the helmet, which you can close and open independently with sliders, ensure ventilation. The ventilation can also be adjusted and regulated through these openings. Basically, good ventilation of the helmet is always related to good ventilation of the glasses and reduces the risk of your glasses fogging up. The in-mold helmets are perfect for intensive and long powder skiing on the mountain and ensure that you keep a cool head even during a great effort.

Ski helmet test: Which helmet fits my ski goggles?

We also tested the matt black Poc Auric Cut ski helmet in size XS-S on the slopes. It has a circumference of around 51-54cm. The NAKED Optics models The NOVA Steep and The TROOP Youth Ice, both with a blue mirrored lens, match the helmet perfectly and close well.

The Smith Altus Adult in size S (51-55cm) was also tested and is optimally compatible with our ski goggles The STORM Tucan and The NOVA Flash Leafs. The ski helmet with in-mold technology is available in different sizes with ventilation openings and removable ear pads.

We also tested the K2 Now Diversion MIPS ski helmet in the color Earth for you. The cylindrical ski goggles The NOVA Birdy perfectly match the helmet in size M (55-59cm). The spherical model The STORM Electric Purple also closes perfectly and ensures a comfortable fit. The helmet has an integrated MIPS system and guarantees comfort and protection on the slopes and off-road.

Our ski helmet test also included the Alpina Grand Lavalan (Allmountain) ski helmet in size 54-57cm. The model wears it in the color moon-grey matt. We tested our NOVA Steep and STORM Electric Purple. Both ski goggles have a magnet exchange system and fit perfectly with the ski helmet.

We tested the black ATOMIC All Mountain ski helmet in size M (55-59cm) on the slopes for you. Our four top seller models complement the helmet perfectly: The FORCE EVO black with a blue lens, The TROOP EVO Misty, The STORM Snow and The Troop Youth black.

We also tested the matt white Alpina ALBONA ski helmet with a circumference of 53-57cm. The cylindrical models TROOP EVO Misty and The TROOP Youth Aura perfectly match the helmet. The STORM Art and The FORC EVO black with a blue lens are also compatible with the helmet.

The black Giro Trig MIPS ski helmet is a hard shell construction. It has detachable ear pads and was worn in size M during our test. Both our black FORCE EVO with a blue lens and our TROOP EVO in flashback design match the helmet perfectly.

The next helmet to be tested on the slopes is the Sweet Protection - Adult Switcher MIPS Ski/Snowboard in size ML. It is also compatible with our STORM Tucan, TROOP EVO in parrot design and with our FORCE EVO Melange and black with a blue lens.

Also represented was the POC Fornix Uni ski helmet in lead blue and black. Here, too, size ML fitted perfectly with our TROOP EVO Parrot and TROOP EVO OTG. to our FORCE EVO in the Melange design and to our STORM Electric Purple.

The black men's model SMITH Helm Holt was also tested by us on the slopes. It has a circumference of around 59mm. The models TROOP EVO PapageiL and also the black FORCE EVO with blue lenses matched the helmet perfectly.

The smallest model tested was the Uvex adult P1us 2.0 ski helmet with a circumference of 52-55 mm. The cylindrical ski goggles TROOP EVO PapageiL as well as The TROOP Youth Giraffe and the spherical ski goggles The STORM Tucan and the black FORCE EVO with blue lenses also go well with this.

Which ski helmet suits me?

As you have seen, our glasses also fit the most modern models. If you want to know whether there are already skis and boarders with your helmet in our NAKED Optics community, you can visit us on Instagram. Our girls and boys are happy to share their experiences and equipment: #nakedoptics #lifeisbetternaked Now all you have to do is order ski goggles and then you can hit the slopes! 🤙

Looking for the right helmet in summer?

The bicycle helmet is also part of the basic equipment when biking. You can read about what you should look out for when buying a bicycle helmet and which NAKED Optics bike glasses fit your helmet in our helmet guide .

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