Gift Ideas for Mountain Bikers: The Ultimate Gift Guide

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A special occasion is coming up and you are looking for a suitable gift for a mountain biker? This is not an easy task, because enthusiastic cyclists in particular are very demanding and usually already have all the equipment. NAKED Optics can help you with the challenge and has created a list of gift ideas for MTB bikers. So the next birthday will be a complete success 💪

Gifts for MTB riders: What do mountain bikers need?

For many cyclists, mountain biking is not just a sport, but a passion. Anyone who is passionate about mountain biking will of course be very happy about gifts that have something to do with mountain biking. Reflectors for the mountain bike or a starting place for a MTB race are particularly popular gifts and make cyclists' hearts beat faster. There is a large selection of MTB reflectors on the Internet. If you are looking for a mountain bike event, you should definitely browse through this list. Competitions are held regularly until the end of September. Starting places for your loved ones are still available 🏆

Popular gift for mountain bikers: Komoot subscription

Have you ever heard of Komoot? This is an app that helps cyclists with route planning. The bikers can plan the tours themselves on the one hand and choose from suggested tours on the other. The routes are then easily transferred to the bike computer. Various offers with different functions are available for the app. For example, for around €30 you can unlock the world package and discover maps of the whole world on Komoot. In addition, there is also the premium package, which is also a perfect gift for mountain bikers. Learn more about Komoot's offerings here.

Make a mountain biker happy with a magazine subscription

you read correctly You can also make MTB riders happy with a magazine. We don't mean a daily newspaper, but a bike magazine. There is now a wide range of mags that are published at different intervals. Just browse through and get an idea of ​​the different bike magazines for yourself. With a subscription you will definitely make a mountain biker happy.

The bike magazine favorites from NAKED Optics:

  1. lines
  2. bike
  3. mountain BIKE

Practical MTB gift: MTB glasses

As with other outdoor sports, eye protection is very important when cycling. Cycling goggles protect your eyes from wind, dirt, stones and even small animals on tours. In addition, the MTB goggles must also protect against UV rays and enable optimal vision. You can find a selection of MTB glasses in the NAKED Optics online shop. The glasses are available from €49.99 .

💡 NAKED Optics Insider Tip 💡: If you are not sure which MTB goggles fit best, then you are welcome to give away a NAKED Optics voucher. Simply contact our customer support ( and we will create a voucher code for the birthday child.

Gift idea for mountain bikers: bike wall mount

Who knows the problem: You live in the city and there is neither a bicycle parking space nor a bicycle cellar available at the apartment. This is annoying, especially when you've digged deep into your pocket for your MTB and want to protect it from rain, storms and hail as much as possible. So that you don't have to put it somewhere else, many take it with them into the apartment. In order to save as much space as possible when stowing away, a bicycle wall mount is suitable. You can easily get the brackets in a hardware store or order them on the Internet. Every MTB rider who lives in the city and has no bicycle parking space will be happy about this MTB gift.

Hipbags for mountain biking: The must-have for bikers

Backpacks when biking were yesterday. Hip bags are a must-have when biking and literally keep your back free. This is exactly why they are so popular with bikers. They offer less storage space than backpacks. Nevertheless, the most important things like the mobile phone, keys, hydration bladder, tools or a pump have space in it. Mountainbike Magazin recently conducted a hip bag test. You can find the test results and recommendations here. There is definitely the right hip bag for an MTB biker for the next birthday.

Important MTB accessories: Ahead cap for the headset

Have you ever heard of Ahead caps? This is an important part to set the headset. Ahead caps are available in all possible colors, shapes and variations and can also be partially personalised. Every mountain biker is happy about such a little thing.

No-Go's: What should I never give a mountain biker as a gift?

Of course, MTB riders are not happy about everything that has to do with biking. Here you can read what you should definitely not give away.

More creative and practical gift ideas for cyclists

If you haven't found the right thing here, you can find an article with more gifts for cyclists and mountain bikers here.


Credits: Daniel Vogel

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