The best gifts for skiers - the ultimate gift guide

Hannah Neuhauser
Is skiing the greatest passion of your friends and family members? With these gifts you can definitely make them happy. Whether for the powder, the slopes or gifts for the ski holiday, this guide has something for everyone.

Socks as a small gift for skiers

Whether cold feet or cramped calves. Aching legs can put a spoke in the wheel of a perfect day's skiing. Compression stockings can counteract this. These ensure optimal blood circulation in the feet and thus better temperature regulation and faster recovery. Compression stockings are gadgets for skiers who don't want to miss a day on the slopes. You can find out more about the optimal ski socks here.

Gadgets for skiers that provide warmth

Cold temperatures are essential for skiing. Unfortunately, the sub-zero temperatures are not a joy for everyone. "Frostbites" are therefore happy about every source of warmth. There are practical hand warmers for on the go. These emit heat electrically and can be switched on and off as required. In order to start a new day of skiing as warmly as possible, there are also electric heating cells for the ski boots. In this way, cold shoes can also dry optimally overnight. These heat dispensers are useful accessories for skiing that nobody wants to be without.

Thermoses as gifts for skiers

Speaking of warmth - during a long day of skiing, hot tea in the gondola or at the edge of the piste is a must. A thermos flask is a must, especially as a suitable gift for skiing holidays and the like. Stowed in the backpack, it is always with you and sweetens every break.

Gifts for the outdoors

Especially gifts for snowboard fans and freeskiers can deal with the aspect of safety. Anyone who likes to be out in the open and in powder should be prepared for potential avalanches. Avalanche backpacks are therefore the perfect gifts for snowboarders and skiers. These inflate like an airbag and ensure that the driver stays above the avalanche. Avalanche backpacks are therefore among the absolute essentials of a well-equipped freerider. Here you can find out more about how avalanche backpacks work and about the different models.

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Backpacks are also suitable as gifts for skiers. These offer practical storage space and are a useful accessory when skiing that should not be missing on any trip.

Ski goggles as a gift for snowboarders and skiers

The best ski goggles have to match the outfit on the one hand and the current weather conditions on the other. Adjustable ski goggles make the perfect gift for skiers and snowboarders. Different glasses and straps, which can be exchanged in a few simple steps, are therefore particularly suitable. You can also easily switch between different styles with the models The STORM, The TROOP EVO and The FORCE EVO in the NAKED Optics online shop.

Multifunctional towels as flexible gifts

Cold wind finds every crevice and crack in your outfit on the descent. In order to stay warm all over, multifunctional scarves are useful accessories when skiing. These can be worn as a scarf or headband. Due to their flexibility, they are ideal as a small gift for skiers. In the NAKED Optics online shop you will find a wide range of different colors and designs.

GoPro action camera for skiing

Sick jumps and smooth rides are best captured with an action camera. The versatile cameras are ideal gadgets for skiers who like to be out and about in the park. GoPro offers many different variants of their camera. So there is something for every skier.

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Cameras are of course very expensive. If you still want to make your park-loving friend happy, you can use various additional equipment as a small gift for skiers.

Also enthusiastic about skiing in everyday life

If you are an avid skier, you also like to show your passion in everyday life. T-shirts with a snow or ski motif are a practical gift that can also be used all year round. T-shirts that are guaranteed to make a statement can also be found in the NAKED online shop.


Credits: Matthew Gartner

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