The Best Gifts for Cyclists: The Ultimate Gifts Guide

Linda Eigner

Passionate cyclists spend every free minute on the vehicle and cover countless kilometers every year. Finding the perfect gift for her is often not that easy. We will help you and have a list of creative gift ideas for cyclists. Here is definitely the right thing.

The perfect gift for outdoor athletes: Strava membership

Have you ever heard of Strava? It's like Instagram for sports lovers, where you can track your sporting activities such as swimming, running, hiking or biking and share them with others. A Strava annual membership is the best gift for cyclists who like to record their bike rides. You can find more information about membership here. If it's not on Strave it didn't happen 😉

Ensure the perfect perspective with cycling glasses

A gift that can make every cyclist happy is high-quality cycling glasses. Bike glasses are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. Cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses are particularly popular. Thanks to the simple changing system, the athletes can optimally adapt to the light and weather conditions and are well equipped with a single pair of cycling glasses. The HAWK or The FALCON are perfect as a gift for your loved ones on their next birthday.

Bike socks for downhill, road bike, MTB and enduro

One thing is very important when cycling: the right outfit. The clothing differs in some cases for the different cycling techniques downhill, racing bike, MTB or enduro, but bike socks are always a must-have and therefore the best gift for cyclists. You can find a selection of different cycling socks here.

Creative gift for downhill bikers: bike gloves

You have a passionate downhill biker in your circle of friends or in your family and you are looking for a gift? Then the NAKED Optics RAID bike gloves are just the thing. The MTB gloves with a Velcro fastener are very breathable and are comfortable to wear. They are unisex and available for women and men in our online shop.

Bike T-Shirts: Cyclists like to make a statement

Those who are passionate about cycling also like to show it off in their free time. What would be better suited for this than a fancy bike t-shirt? You can find a wide range of designs on the internet and you can even have some t-shirts personalized. Here is a small selection of t-shirts for bikers.

Unusual gift for cyclists: pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle

Looking for a fun little gift for a cyclist? How about a bike-shaped pizza cutter. With this little gadget you'll make every biker smile and you've secured the next pizza party. Bicycle Pizza Cutters are available here.

What does every cyclist need?

We have a small list for you of gift ideas for cyclists that you can never go wrong with and that you can always use.

  • Bike lock
  • Bike tools
  • Bicycle pump
  • Smartphone holder for the bicycle handlebar
  • Chain oil
  • Ass Saver Fender
  • Bike repair kit and spare inner tube
  • Safety bike vest for early morning rides

No Go's: You shouldn't give that to cyclists under any circumstances

A bicycle helmet is not a good gift for cyclists

Of course, you can't make bikers happy with everything that has to do with bikes. Athletes should definitely choose their own bicycle helmets and, above all, try them on. A helmet for cycling should not be under the next christmas tree.

Be careful when giving away cycling clothing

There are a few things to consider when it comes to cycling clothing. The clothing also depends on the MTB, road bike, enduro or downhill bike technology and is therefore not the ideal gift for cyclists.

It is difficult to find suitable accessories for the bicycle

Even if you mean well, you should refrain from giving away bicycle accessories such as a bicycle saddle or handlebar grips. It is very difficult to find just the right replacement piece for the cyclist. The individual parts are often individually selected and tailored to the needs of the biker.

Credits: Matthew Gartner

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