Bike Up Your Summer: Bike Packing for Beginners

Linda Eigner

On the bike - get set - go: That's the motto this summer for many who are exploring the country by bike. Bike packing is booming like never before and is particularly popular with the combination of mountain biking and camping. You don't have to travel far to experience adventure. Are you also interested in a tour by bike? We have summarized for you what needs to be considered on the first bike packing tour.

What is bike packing?

Vacation at home sounds great, doesn't it? This is exactly what is possible with bike packing. During the bike tour, the beautiful corners can be explored without having to fly away. The minimalist way of traveling appeals to enterprising outdoor lovers who are looking for thrills. On the multi-day tours, new routes and paths in nature can be discovered every day. So if you are looking for an easy and unique adventure this summer, then bike packing is for you.

What do I need for bike packing?

The most important thing when it comes to bike packing is of course the bike. Depending on your routes, mountain bikes or gravel bikes are particularly suitable for the different surfaces on- and off -road. As the name suggests, bike packing is a combination of biking and camping. Camping equipment is therefore also part of the standard equipment on the tour. If you have that, then you are almost ready for the first tour. As you know, preparation is half the battle. It is therefore very important that you plan your tours in advance and prepare the routes.

Bag it up: The right bags for bike packing

On a multi-day tour, your luggage must be stowed properly. With the help of various bike packing bags, the weight is evenly distributed on the bike. You can also use all the space in and around the frame. For your first tour, you should definitely get yourself a saddle bag, a frame bag and a handlebar pannier.

The perfect lens for any weather condition

During the bike trip it can happen that you have to deal with changing wind and weather conditions. The FALCON or The HAWK should not be missing so that you can keep a clear view despite different light and shadow conditions. A total of 6 different glasses with different tints are available for the multifunctional glasses. So the best view is guaranteed! So: on the bike - ready - go.

Credits: Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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