5 activities with your sports glasses in summer

Linda Eigner

Summer stands for hot weather, cool drinks and cozy evenings. As soon as the temperatures rise, outdoor lovers head out into the nature for outdoor activities. What should not be missed besides sunscreen? The right sports glasses, of course. Our sunglasses for men and women The FALCON are perfect for outdoor activities thanks to various functions. Here are the five most popular activities of your NAKED Optics crew, where The FALCON sports glasses should definitely not be missed.

  1. Stand Up Paddling
  2. Hiking
  3. Running
  4. Biking
  5. Beach Volleyball

Stand-Up Paddling with comfortable sports glasses

Just chilling at the lake is boring? Certainly not with a stand-up paddle. Renting SUPs is possible at many lidos. The sports glasses The FALCON are particularly suitable as a companion on the paddle thanks to the retainer. The strap fixes the sports sunglasses and allows a perfect hold. This way you won't lose your glasses in the water. Thanks to the polarized lenses of the sports glasses The FALCON, you have the perfect vision despite the radiation, even on the water. So up on the stand-up paddle - set - go!

Perfect view while hiking

The right sports glasses are also part of the equipment when hiking. Changing visibility conditions can sometimes occur, especially on long stretches up the mountain. The model The FALCON is perfect for hiking tours thanks to the interchangeable lenses. The five partially polarized lenses (Cat. 0 - Cat. 4) allow you to adapt easily . The black lens in particular is associated with the Cat. 4 excellently suited for the high alpine region. The next summit is waiting for you!

Full focus with sports glasses while running

One of the most popular endurance sports is definitely running. Whether young or old - each of us has already laced up the running shoes. When choosing the right sports glasses for men and women, one motto counts above all: light and comfortable. Our sports sunglasses The FALCON are lightweight thanks to the modern and high-quality TR-90 material. The pleasant wearing comfort helps you to focus during endurance sports and to achieve top performance.

Top performance when biking

It doesn't matter whether you're on a racing bike, mountain bike or downhill bike: the parks and trails are definitely well frequented this summer. The bike glasses for your adventure should offer one thing above all: Pleasant wearing comfortOur sports glasses The FALCON can be individually adjusted with the adjustable nose piece. Anti-slip pads on the temple ends also ensure a perfect hold. For the full enduro experience, The FALCON MTB goggles can be equipped with the goggle upgrade. Pleasant wearing comfort and top performance are thus combined in one pair of sports glasses.

Beach volleyball with UV 400 protection

Of course, summer also means a good game of beach volleyball with friends. In order to be able to defeat your opponent, it is important not only to have the right technique, but also to have the right equipment. Of course, this includes the sports glasses The FALCON. The UV 400 protection protects your eyes from the sun's rays. In addition, the sports glasses have a magnetic sweatband, which prevents them from slipping.

As you can see, our sports glasses The FALCON are very versatile thanks to the various functions. It is therefore a must-have for an unforgettable outdoor experience and should not be missed on your next adventure.

Photo: Mathäus Gartner

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