The NOVA - the new figurehead of the NAKED Family

Hannah Neuhauser

Summer is over and the whole NAKED family is waiting for the start of the new ski season. Because this winter you can expect brand new ski goggles that will enrich your ski experience. We'll tell you what The NOVA can do and how new ski goggles are actually created at NAKED Optics.

It's time for something new!

NAKED Optics has been around for 8 years now. During this time we were able to gain a lot of experience. We can draw all of our acquired expertise from a whopping 9 different ski goggle models! In addition, there is the feedback from the NAKED family, which we are happy to incorporate into the designs of new developments with particular dedication. Therefore, we can now proudly present our 10th ski goggle, The NOVA.

Look forward to new features

The NOVA also combines numerous new features in its unique design. Look forward to a great skiing experience with the new super anti-fog coating. This gives the ski goggles up to 300% more resistance to annoying fogging from the inside. So that you don't sweat unnecessarily while riding, the air flow has been optimized with further developed air channels. The SnapTech magnet exchange system with improved magnet performance ensures lightning-fast changing of ski goggle lenses. To ensure that they last a particularly long time, they have been given a new and durable coating.

Developments for tomorrow

When developing new products, sustainability is also very important to us at NAKED Optics. For several generations of our ski and sports goggles, we have therefore relied on the sustainable material mixture CO2RE®. This is a mix of conventional petroleum-based plastic and renewable, plant-based raw materials. Through testing, trying out and developing, we have been able to keep increasing the percentage of renewable raw materials. With the new NOVA ski goggles we were able to increase the CO2RE® share to 65%. If you are interested in NAKED Optics' contribution to sustainability, you can find out more here.

New glasses - new style

We have also come up with new designs to match the new functions. The NOVA comes in 4 variants: Steep, Moonlight, Birdy and Flash Leaves. Each pair of goggles has its own lens and matching strap. As is usual with NAKED Optics ski goggles, the various components can also be easily exchanged. This makes The NOVA compatible with all previous ski goggle strap . So everyone is guaranteed to find their own individual style.

Keep the perspective

The different lenses ensure the best visibility in any weather. The NOVA has 7 different interchangeable lenses in different colors and categories of light transmission . Here you can find out what the different categories mean and what weather and light conditions they are suitable for. As a new feature, there is now also a new "High Contrast Bad Weather Lens" for The NOVA . This specifically highlights the contours of the snow on foggy and cloudy days.


Credits: Patrick Baetz

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