How much does it cost to go skiing in Austria and Europe in winter 2023?

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Winter is coming closer and it's about time to get ready for the new season. Have you already decided where to go skiing this winter and checked out the priced for the certain ski areas? We have a detailed price overview for you and tell you the most expensive and cheapest ski areas in Europe.

What will you find in this blog article?

  1. How to save on ski tickets: tips and tricks
  2. The most expensive ski resorts in Europe
  3. Which ski resorts in Europe are the cheapest?
  4. Price overview on season passes in winter 2023/2024

How can you save money while skiing?

There's no question about it - skiing and snowboarding are expensive. Especially when you take into account the equipment and stay for a ski holiday. The prices for ski passes have also increased in the 2023/24 ski season and challenges the winter enthusiasts. We'll tell you how you can save a little on skiing and enjoy a day on the slopes to the fullest.

  • Buy tickets online in advance:

For some ski areas you can purchase tickets in advance in the online shop. This has two big advantages: you avoid the queue at the checkout and you can even save with an early bird bonus.

  • Check out promotional days:

If you have flexible time, you should definitely get some information about promotional days. Some ski areas offer special prices on certain days for seniors, young people or families, for example. It's worth a look.

  • Use weekdays:

Not all ski days are the same. Prices may vary depending on the day of the week in some ski areas. So if you can take a day on the slopes during the week, you should definitely take advantage of it and save money. Another advantage: This means you can also avoid traffic jams on the weekends.

  • Take advantage of the low season:

The prices for ski tickets also vary within a ski season. Accordingly, tickets are cheaper in the low season than in the high season. If the snow situation permits, you should definitely plan a few days of skiing in the off-season and save money.

  • my Ski amadé Friends Club:

There is a special key card for the Ski amadé ski areas with which you can take advantages of many offers and even save money. Find out more about my Ski amadé Friends Club here in our blog article.

  • Multi-day ski passes instead of single day tickets

If you are on a skiing holiday and want to spend several days on skis or snowboard, you should definitely get a multi-day ski pass instead of individual day tickets. This means you can often get out cheaper and enjoy your skiing holiday to the fullest.

The most expensive ski resorts in Europe

Have you ever wondered where skiing is actually the most expensive in Europe? We'll tell you where you should definitely bring a big wallet with you. Side Fact: The actual costs for a day of skiing obviously depend on individual requirements and activities:

  1. Zermatt/Matterhorn: If you are only traveling along the glacier on the Swiss side, you will pay around €85* for a day ticket. To get to the Italian side you can buy an international ticket for around €100*.
  2. Verbier (4 valles): The area in Verbier also promises fantastic slopes in a beautiful area. Here you pay around €80 for a day ticket in the high season.
  3. St. Moritz: St. Moritz in Switzerland also welcomes countless guests every year and guarantees a great adventure on the slopes. In the high season you pay around €90* for a day ticket.

Which ski resorts in Europe are the cheapest?

Anyone looking for cheap ski tickets will also find what they are looking for in Europe. There are some ski areas that offer cheaper ski passes far away from tourism, such as Bansko and Sierra Nevada:

  1. Bansko (Bulgaria): A day ticket costs around €45
  2. Sierra Nevada (Spain): A day ticket costs around €57

Price overview: Ski season tickets and passes for the 2023/24 winter season



Early bird price

High season price

Super Ski Card season ticket


Until December 6th, 2023



ALL-IN Card White


Until December 6th, 2023



Styria Joker




Snow Card Tyrol




Top ski pass


Until December 8th, 2023



Leisure ticket Tyrol


Until October 31, 2023



Dolomiti Superski




Ländle Card

Germany, Austria

Until December 10, 2023



Allgäu Glacier Card

Germany, Austria



Super snow map

Germany, Austria



Alps Plus


Until November 24th, 2023



Alpen Plus Glacier Card

Germany, Austria



Magic Pass


Approx. 570€*

Approx. 934€*

Snow fun



Approx. 1241€*

Miles white





Until November 30, 2023


Approx. 1172€*

Top card



Approx. 1610€**

*Note current exchange rate **Annual ticket

Credits: Patrick Bätz

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