Stevie Schneider bike hacks for mountain bikers and downhillers

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The Man - The Myth - The Legend: Stevefuckingschneider. The route cobra from Salzburg is not an unknown face for MTB fans and friends of honest Instagram content, because Stevie is an integral part of the Austrian gravity scene. Merged with his bike, he rushes from one bike festival to the next and spends countless days in the bike parks each season. So it's high time to ask Stevie for some bike advice and get a few tips. We met Stevie and got all the information you always wanted to know from him: Stevie Schneider Bike Hacks Incoming 🤙

Stevie Schneider, do you actually have a spare inner tube with you when you go biking?

"No, I don't have an inner tube with me. I rely on someone else to have an inner tube for me. 😀 In fact, I rarely get a flat tire. But if it does happen and I don't have an inner tube with me, then I'm me willing to push too."

And do you have tools with you when you go biking?

"50/50 – When I'm out and about with the enduro, I usually have a small Multi-Tool with me in my pants pocket. I don't actually have anything with me when riding downhill."

Where did you put the tool then?

"The Mutli-Tool is in my left trouser pocket. In my right trouser pocket I have the lift ticket and my mobile phone. It is turned with the screen towards my thigh. If it throws me, the screen doesn't break." 🤭

Stevie, important bike question: Do you prefer an air pump or a CO2 cartridge?

"I'm old school and have an air pump without a CO2 cartridge. I find pumping nicer than pulling through a CO2 cartridge. I also ride tubeless. That's why a normal air pump works for me too."

How do you, Stevie Schneider, transport your bike?

"I take my bike and throw it on my bus. I don't care about any losses. 😉 Otherwise I would remove the front tire and fold it up if I was traveling with a station wagon. But I don't have a bike rack in general."

What is always with you when biking in the car?

"I always have an air pump, brake packs, allen wrench, ventilation kid, bandages with wound dressings and wound ointments and my vaporizer with me."

You recently went to a bike festival in Norway and you also attend the Freeride Fiesta in Mexico every year: How do you actually ice your bike?

"To be honest, I always borrow a bike bag. They're so expensive, costing around €450. If I can't borrow a bike bag from a friend, I take a cardboard box. I then throw it away after the trip."

Another question: Do you ride with or without gloves for more grip?

"I prefer to drive without gloves because I somehow have a better feeling when braking. I've always driven without gloves. When I wear them, I get weird blistering."

Do you prefer aluminum or carbon?

"Definitely aluminum."

Cable ties or fabric tape?

"Definitely cable ties."

Do you wear thin or thick socks Stevie when biking?

"Good question. I actually prefer medium-thin socks. I think they're called 2/3 socks."

And what does it look like underneath? Do you wear the bike shorts with or without underpants? 😉

"At some point I started not to wear underpants anymore. But when I go biking I wear a crash band underneath because my hips have been badly affected. So no underpants, but a crash band instead."

Stevie Schneider: What makes a bike day unforgettable for you?

"A good session makes a bike day unforgettable for me. I've had so many bike days that I've certainly forgotten a few days, but a good session and a cold beer make a bike day unforgettable for me." 😀

What is your favorite route in Salzburg?

"My favorite route is the Hacklberg Trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm."

Who do you like to go biking with?

"With Luca Hagger or with Olivier Cuvet."

What is the best bike park Stevie Schneider?

"It's difficult, but I like the Saalbach valley. It's really great there and the people are in a good mood."

And what's your favorite trick?

"The Flat Spin. It took me a long time to do it."

Where would you like to go biking?

"Canada or New Zealand are the two regions that interest me the most."

What does Stevie Schneider do apart from biking?

Have you ever wondered what Stevie Schneider actually does in his free time apart from biking? We asked for you and visited him in winter. In the story you will find a lot of good vibes and you can get inspiration for your off-season.

Credits: Florian Dorn

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