Visiting Stevie Schneider

Linda Eigner

The Man - The Myth - The Legend: Stevefuckingschneider. Not an unknown face for MTB fans and friends of honest Instagram content. Stevie is not only an Instagram legend, but also an integral part of the NAKED Family. In the first part we told you what he does in the off-season. In the second part of the Stevie Schneider home story we provide very private insights. Attention: There are only Good Vibes Only here.

High up in the nest

If you're looking for him at Stevie Schneider's home but can't find him, then he's probably sitting in his "nesterl" (nest). However, when you think of “Nesterl” you shouldn’t imagine a cozy place on the couch, but a nest high up on a tree. “Kraxln” (climbing) is also one of his hobbies. On closer inspection, this is also understandable - from above, one's own problems look much smaller.

Stevie Schneider privately

Juggling for fine motor skills and concentration

Another of Stevefuckingschneider 's talents is juggling. Whether with balls or with his pets, the herons - Stevie Schneider throws everything in the air. Juggling is not only good for fine motor skills, but also requires a lot of skill and concentration.

NAKED Optics insider tip: Is your Tinder game not going so well? How about trying something new and standing out from the crowd. Juggling is a sure way to impress your Tinder matches and show that you're more than stand-up paddling and bouldering.

Stevie Schneider privately

"Drift cobra" on the bike

Besides juggling, climbing and cooking, Stevie Schneider loves one thing above all: biking. Of course, that doesn't fall by the wayside in the off-season either. But on the contrary! In February he went to Mexico for the Freeride Fiesta. In addition to good food and good drinks, good rides were on the program there. You can see everything he experienced there here.

Stevie Schneider privately

Stevie Schneider Style for the home

Guess what: You can now bring the casual Stevie Schneider look home with you. The TROOP bike is now also available as a signature model with Stevie's personal signature. You better get yours!

Credits: Florian Dorn

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