Meet Stefan Müller: Passionate guide and bike expert

Linda Eigner

Passionate, creative and incredibly talented - these words perfectly describe the NAKED Optics Hero Stefan Müller. The biker from Carinthia live for biking and prefer to spend every free minute on their bikes - whether in summer or in winter. Stefan told us how he discovered his great passion and how he passes his skills on to the younger generation. We proudly introduce: Stefan Müller.


📝 Servus Stefan! Tell us, how did you actually get into biking?

"When I was a child, cycling was a No. 1 topic in our village. From this day on, I couldn't get rid of the bike. 🙂"


📝 How long have you been cycling full-time?

“I have been biking full-time for around 2 years. This includes my bike school at Millstättersee and my work as an athlete (video, photos, commissions, etc.)."


📝 How important is cycling to you?

"Actually it means everything - freedom, self-realization, creativity and above all fun."


📝 Who is your biggest motivation?

“My wife and the children. They always have my back and support me in sports. ❤️"


📝 What should not be missed on a perfect bike day?

"Friends, buddies and the perfect location."


📝 What is the best bike park?

"For me it is Saalbach, because diversity is the idea (Hacklbergtrail 💯)"


📝 What equipment could you not do without?

"The helmet, of course."


📝 What's your favorite setup?

"A well-tuned chassis."


📝 How has the bike scene developed in recent years?

"In my opinion it has developed very positive. The scene was still very small 20 years ago when I started. Now, 20 years later, there is actually nothing that is not possible on a bike. Whether creative or brutal. Simply everything included. 😊"


📝 You still run a small bike school: What exactly do you offer? How many children do you look after in your workshops?

"Exactly. Actually, I'm more on the small, personal side. Maximum 3 to 5 participants per course. This is the best way for me to pass on my knowledge. Technique and tricks for children and young people are my specialty. But of course the guides on tours and the like are also very cool."


📝 How does a working day look like?

“Of course that depends on my appointments and where I am located at the moment. Since I'm out and about a lot shooting and at events in summer, it can happen that I don't do any courses for a whole week. But if I have courses it includes a lot of fun of course. 😊"


📝 How do you structure the bike courses for children?

“With children, it is very important above all to do everything very playfully. Take a lot of time and patience with you. If it works well with the kids then it's even better. 😊 "


📝 What is important to you in the courses? 

"As mentioned before, fun should never be neglected when biking."


📝 We heard that you also have a connection to the volunteer fire brigade in Millstatt. Are you still active? If yes, how long have you been doing this and what is your function?

Yes, you are right. 😀 When I'm at home and when I have time, I work for the volunteer fire brigade in Millstatt. The fire service is actually very important to me. Helping other people just makes sense and like biking, a lot of things only work together and with a great camaraderie. It's always a lot of fun. Like a little family. For me it is also a good balance to biking, being at home with friends and comrades. In the fire brigade, I am fire chief and group commander of the 4th group."


📝 To what extent do cycling and the activity at the volunteer fire brigade complement each other?

"Collaboration and togetherness."


📝 What have you planned for the next few years?

"Uh, there's actually quite a bit. In September I'm switching to a new bike brand after 3 years. Then we will do a shooting abroad 😊. There is a big project in Austria this year - 2 years of planning and preparation are now entering the serious phase. In 2024 we will go abroad very often. A few dream locations are coming up. My goals are very clear: I would like to stay and healthy on the bike for a long time. 


📝 Is there a place where you really want to go biking?

“America would be another story. 😊"


Stefan Müller: Bike guide, workshops and much more

Anyone who is interested in biking with Stefan and would like to attend a workshop can contact him any time on Instagram or by email ( ). Stefan Müller looks forward to meeting new faces and sharing his passion with others.


Credits: Gert Perauer

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