Passionate about skiing: NAKED Heroe Michi Strauss

Linda Eigner

One of the very first NAKED Optics Heroes and an important part of the NAKED Family is Michael Strauss. Michi is a skier, freerider, ski guide, trainer, filmmaker and is also very good at biking and surfing. He is really passionate about sports. Anyone who spends so much time on the slopes and in the backcountry becomes a real ski expert . He told us what turns a casual winter into a perfect winter and which things are essential for him for a perfect day of skiing. Lean back and get to know our NAKED Hero.
🎆 Spoiler Alert: 🎆 Reading will certainly get you into the mood for skiing.

📝 Hi Michi! People know you mainly from freeriding and guiding and they know that you are on the slopes almost every day in winter. When did you actually start skiing and how did you get into it?

“I've been skiing since I was 4 years old. At that time, I was first in a ski school and then I did a school ski course. At the age of 12 I started to compete in ski races and did so until I was 18 years old. I finally came to freeriding through my training as a ski instructor.”

📝 Approximately how many ski days do you have per season?

“It varies, but I usually have 100 to 150 days of skiing. That always depends on how many ski instructor training courses I do and how much I get to ski myself. But mostly it’s 100 to 150 days of skiing per season.”

📝 As an absolute ski connoisseur, what is essential for a perfect skiing day? 

“Definitely a lot of powder. There is no such thing than to much powder. Lots of sunshine, joy and friendly people shouldn't be missed either, of course. To be honest, you don't really need much for a perfect day of skiing, because you can do a lot with a little. Rather, it depends on the society and not on the conditions.”

📝 How many pairs of skis do you actually have?

“I have too many 😃 I use a lot of different skis

📝 Which features do you particularly like about skis? Which shapes and dimensions do you prefer when you are skiing?

“At the moment I prefer to ride the Fischer Ranger 108 in 1.92. That's the best option for me off-road. He is playful and still holds up well. Even when the conditions aren't that good anymore, it's still great to drive. If there is really good powder, then it is also a super cool ski ❤️ "

📝 What is your favorite area for skiing?

"My favorite ski area is definitely Obertauern. You have everything there and you can do anything. There are some tree runs, awesome open slopes, steep gullies, the slopes are steep but with many transitions. It's the coolest thing there. It's pretty smooth to ski.”

📝 And Michi, what is your favorite set-up for ski goggles? Do you always have spare lenses with you or how do you choose the lenses when you are out and about?

"The best set-up for me is still the TROOP EVO with the blue lens. I always have a bad weather lens with me in my backpack and another spare lens. When there is really good powder, you never know exactly what you need and what's going to happen.”

📝 What is your favorite meal at the hut at the end of a day of skiing?

"I actually quite like Kasnockn 😃".

📝 When winter finally comes to an end, how does your summer actually look like?

“In the summer I ride my MTB quite a lot. I do bike-guides, I bike a lot for shootings or just enjoying the time yourself. In summer you will find me in the bike park or at one or the other fun enduro race, such as the ÖM. In addition to biking, I also really enjoy surfing. I always try to come to the sea for at least 1 month in summer to surf.”

📝 One last question Michi: When the weather is really bad and you don't do any outdoor sports. What's on your agenda?

"Hang up. I have now started a “DJ career”. 😛 I really enjoy making other people happy with music. I'm really enjoying that right now."


Follow Michi's adventures and get even more exciting insights here on his account.

Credits: Susanne Eizenberger

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