Merino wool sportswear: How good is the material really?

Linda Eigner

Above all, winter sports clothing has one important task: it should keep you warm for as long as possible, be breathable and, if necessary, dry quickly. The trends are currently moving away from synthetic fibers and towards merino wool. Here you can find out why the organic fibers from merino sheep are so special and how to properly care for thermal underwear made from merino wool.

Where does merino wool come from?

Merino wool is obtained from the Merino sheep and is therefore a natural product. The wool of the sheep is so special and resistant because the animals were previously exposed to extreme and rapidly changing conditions in the mountains. Merino sheep originally come from North Africa. Today, New Zealand, South Africa and South America are among the most important export countries for merino wool. You can read more about history here.

How good is merino wool for sports?

The answer is simple: very good! Merino wool is very breathable and very soft. However, in order to meet the highest demands in sports, the merino wool in functional clothing and outdoor clothing offers other important and convincing functions:

  • Moisture-regulating
  • Odorless - even for longer and multi-day sessions
  • The material dries quickly
  • Adapts perfectly to the conditions: keeps you warm when it's cold and has a cooling effect when it's warm
  • Comfortable to wear: The wool is very comfortable to wear and soft on the skin

How do you properly care for merino wool?

Another advantage of outdoor clothing with merino wool or a blended fabric with merino wool is that you can wear the functional underwear for several days at a time without having to wash it. Airing out is sufficient. When the time comes and the outdoor clothing has to go into the washing machine, you should definitely avoid using fabric softener and bleach. The material can be washed at 30-40 degrees on a gentle cycle. Wool detergents or pH-neutral delicate and functional detergents are best suited for care and protect the material. After washing is before drying. Under no circumstances should you put the functional underwear in the dryer, but rather dry it on a drying rack or a line. This way you can enjoy your merino functional underwear for the longest time.

Do you still have questions?

If you have any questions about Merino products and care, please feel free to contact our customer support: We are happy if we can help you. If we have aroused your interest in buying a merino functional underwear, then you are welcome to visit our online shop. With the thermal underwear made of merino wool from New Zealand and our beanies you are also very trendy this season.

Credits: Photo by Tanner Yould on Unsplash

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