Skiing with glasses: What options do you have?

Linda Eigner

As a person who wears glasses, it's not that easy to keep a clear view on the slopes. Not every ski goggle or snowboard goggle fits over the optical glasses. We have summarized for you which options are generally available for spectacle wearers and how to get to the alternatives.

Skiing with goggles: What is OTG?

If you wear glasses and are looking for the right ski goggles or snowboard goggles, you can't get past OTG. OTG stands for "over the glass". This means that you can wear ski goggles over prescription glasses. However, to ensure that the corrective glasses do not fog up underneath, it is important that the glasses fit together perfectly. Some ski goggles have cut-outs on the sides for this purpose. As a result, the winter sports goggles fit perfectly over the optical glasses.

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Clear vision for spectacle wearers is also very important to us. Our ski goggles The EDGE and The TROOP OTG offer the perfect properties to wear prescription glasses underneath.

What is an optical insert for ski goggles?

The glasses market is very large and full of innovations. For those who wear glasses, there is also the option of having an insert made with the correct prescription. The insert can then be easily attached to ski goggles or snowboard goggles. The optical insert is the perfect solution for all spectacle wearers who do not want to wear optical glasses under their ski goggles. It's best to just talk to the optician and you can have an insert made. Et voilá: clear view!

Are there also prescription ski goggles?

If OTG ski goggles or optical inserts are not for you, then there is another option for glasses wearers. Some companies and opticians offer ski goggles and snowboard goggles with prescription lenses. The glasses are individually adapted to the customer. Since this option requires an optician's license, there are still very few suppliers of prescription ski goggles. The next time you visit the optician, you can simply ask where such glasses are available.

Skiing with goggles: What alternatives are there?

Contact lenses are of course a popular alternative for those who wear glasses when exercising. This means that winter sports enthusiasts always have the best view and do not have to deal with the annoying fogging of their ski goggles. If you choose this variant, you do not necessarily have to switch to contact lenses in general. Simple daily lenses are completely sufficient. Guess what: Here, too, the optician is the best contact person and can advise you on the purchase of contact lenses for sporting activities.

Skiers with poor eyesight: Have you found the best alternative yet?

So there are a few options for eyeglass wearers to keep their perspective on the slopes. If you are not sure yet, please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help:
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