Proper care for ski goggles

Hannah Neuhauser

Your ski goggles protect your eyes from blinding sunlight, cold wind and sharp ice crystals. But did you know, you can also protect your ski goggles? So that you can enjoy your snow goggles for as long as possible, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind to extend the life of your goggles.


This is how you can clean your ski goggles

No matter how careful you are, your ski goggles will eventually get dirty. But that's not a problem! When cleaning your ski goggles, just keep these details in mind:

  • Use soft, lint-free materials. The microfiber protective bag that you received with your NAKED Optics ski goggles is best. Do not use t-shirts, towels or tissue . In the worst case scenario, the rough structure can even scratch your ski and snowboard goggles.
  • Rinse the outside of the glasses with water. But don't use any cleaning products. These can attack the coatings on the glasses.
  • Only clean the outside! Avoid touching the inside. This is equipped with a sensitive anti-fog coating.
  • Let everything air dry. If this is not an option for you, you can pat the glasses dry with a soft cloth, but under no circumstances wipe them!

You can find even more tips about cleaning your glasses here.

That's why the ski goggles are fogged up

Anyone who is outside in winter has probably noticed that glasses fog up in the cold. Unfortunately, ski goggles are no exception. The phenomenon occurs when warm air hits cold surfaces. But there is a simple tip that you can use to prevent your glasses from fogging up.

Remove snow and ice from ski goggles and helmets. If snow settles on your ski goggles, the goggles will cool down quickly. This also blocks the ventilation slots in the frame. The warm air that rises from your skin now hits the glass and causes the glasses to fog up.

Want to find out exactly what happens if your ski goggles fog up? Here you can find out everything about this phenomenon. We'll also tell you what else you can do to maintain clear vision while skiing and snowboarding .

Storage is key

The simplest tip for protecting your ski goggles is to always store them properly. Your NAKED Optics ski goggles come in a practical protective case. This will protect your snow goggles from scratches when you store or transport them with the rest of your equipment. Always put your ski or snowboard goggles in the hard case before storing the goggles in your bag or backpack.

💡 NAKED Optics Tip: If the protective case for all your ski goggles is too big and cumbersome for you, here is a case just for your interchangeable lenses. This even fits in the pocket of your ski jacket. This means you always have your interchangeable lenses at hand.

Remove scratches from ski goggles

Scratches in the ski goggles can occur due to sharp ice edges, branches or even careless collisions with the equipment. You can find out here how you can avoid these and what you can do if your ski goggles are scratched.

Credits: Florian Dorn

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