Ski goggles over or under a helmet - that is the question!

Hannah Neuhauser

If you take a closer look at the different skiers and snowboarders on the slopes, you will quickly notice a big difference. There are those who wear their goggles over their helmets or those who wear them under their helmets. But what difference does it actually make? We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different wearing options, how to style them best and who the look is suitable for.

Ski goggles under a helmet, where does that come from?

Wearing ski goggles under the helmet is a rather new phenomenon. The skiers and snowboarders who wear this style are also quite specific. This carrying option is particularly common among park and freeriders. Wearing ski goggles under the helmet has a purely visual reason, it just looks cooler! The look is also often used by those who wear helmets with artwork that they want to show off.

Style your ski goggles under the helmet

In order to perfect the eye-catching look, you have to pay attention to a few things. The first thing you need is the right helmet. With the "ski goggles under helmet" style, skater or bicycle helmets are often used. These are not extra padded on the inside like conventional ski helmets. However, if you want to use a ski helmet for this look, the padding and insulation must first be removed (this is very easy with most helmets thanks to the Velcro system). In order to still be well protected against the cold winter weather, this layer is replaced with a hat. This should fit snugly on the head and not be too thick. The helmet, on the other hand, should fit over the hat, but still not wobble on the head. In order to find the perfect combination and the right helmet, you should take your selected hat with you when you buy it. So nothing can go wrong. The ski goggles are then placed between the cap and the helmet. The strap of the ski goggles also ensures that your hat cannot slip.

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The right hat can round off your style perfectly. Match their color to your outfit and gear. Or set a cool contrast point. In the NAKED Optics online shop we also have a selection of caps that fit perfectly under your helmet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing ski goggles under the helmet?

If you wear your ski goggles under your helmet, you can not only score in terms of style. By using an extra layer, the hat, you also take advantage of the extra warmth . The option to wear it is a good alternative, especially on particularly cold days. If you wear ski goggles under your helmet, you can easily compensate for a helmet that is too loose . When skiing, it is particularly important that the helmet fits snugly on the head. If the helmet is too loose, you can counteract this with a thicker cap.

Unfortunately, the look also has its disadvantages. On warm days, when you really work up a sweat while skiing and snowboarding, ventilation slits in the helmet provide the necessary cooling. This effect is stopped by the hat under the helmet. If you are considering wearing your ski goggles over or under your helmet, you should also consider the practical aspects. Because of the look, it's not that easy to take off the ski goggles. To do this, you first have to push your helmet back a little so that your ski goggles can rest on your forehead. It's a bit impractical, but you can get used to it. Ultimately, however, the wearing variant also reduces the safety factor. Helmets are not designed by the manufacturer for this type of wearing. Therefore, individual areas such as the back of the head and the forehead can be exposed and less protected by the look. Beginners in particular should therefore put on their helmets in the usual way when skiing and snowboarding. In order to impress with a cool style, NAKED has a large selection of strap designs with which you can upgrade your ski goggles and your outfit.


Credits: Florian Dorn

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