Road Bike Guide: Everything you need to know about road cycling

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Road cycling has experienced a real boom in recent years. Especially the Netflix series “Tour de France. Unchained.” has aroused the interest of the general public and encouraged even more people to start endurance sports. If you're just about to start and want to know how to choose the perfect road bike, increase your performance or move safely on the streets, then you've come to the right place. Our comprehensive road cycling guide answers all your questions and offers valuable tips for beginners and experienced road cyclists.


What do you find in this blog article about road cycling?


1. General: The most important information about road cycling at a glance
2. Equipment: Buying a road cycling bike made easy
3. Proper nutrition for an unforgettable cycling adventure


General: The most important information and tips about road cycling

Road cycling beginners: What do I have to consider when starting road cycling

  • Choose the right racing bike: Pay attention to the area of ​​use for which the racing bike is needed. Depending on the requirements, there are differences in the frame material (carbon vs. aluminum), the frame size and the features. The right frame size is based on your height and inseam.
  • Equipment - Best equipment for road cyclists: Invest in a well-fitting helmet, road cycling glasses, comfortable clothing, gloves and suitable road cycling shoes.
  • Start with short distances: As a beginner, it is advisable to start with shorter distances to gradually increase your fitness and ability.
  • Ride in a group: Especially at the beginning, riding in a group is a lot of fun and you have the opportunity to learn from others.
  • Traffic rules and safety: Obey the traffic rules. Ride defensively and with foresight to spot dangers early. Use hand signals to indicate changes in direction.
  • Regular exercise and a balanced diet are important.
  • Don't forget to drink: keep yourself adequately hydrated during your rides and increase your performance.
  • Care and Maintenance: Keep your road bike in good condition by regularly cleaning and maintaining. Check the tires, brakes and gears before every ride.


Is road cycling dangerous?

Road cycling, like many other sports, can come with certain risks and potential dangers. The potential hazard depends on various factors, including riding style, environment, traffic, equipment and the experience of the cyclist. Anyone who is just starting out on racing bikes should therefore definitely start slowly in order to familiarize themselves with the high speeds and to get a safe feeling.


Road cycling: Different categories and classifications

There are different disciplines in road cycling that differ depending on the type of activity and the terrain. The most common categories are as follows:

  • Road bking: the most well-known and widespread category of road cycling; on paved roads; in competitive form as individual races or stage races
  • Time trial: individual speed and endurance in the foreground; cover a certain distance in the shortest possible time
  • Hill Climbing: Focus on climbing skills and stamina; tackle steep climbs
  • Criterion (Criterium): short, closed circuit in urban areas; complete several rounds
  • Gravel biking: new category; off-road on gravel roads and unpaved roads; Combination of paved roads and off-road tracks


Road bike speed: How fast can you get?

  • Average speed on the racing bike for beginners: 20 to 25 km/h average speed
  • Average speed for hobby riders: 30 km/h
  • Road bike speed pros: Over 40 km/h
  • Fun fact: 42.03 km/h was the average speed of Tour de France winner Jonas Vingegaard in 2022


How much does it cost to start road cycling?

Every beginning is difficult – and expensive. This also applies to road cycling. Of course, it is not possible to say how much all the equipment for road cycling costs for sure. All in all, the total cost of getting started with road cycling could be between €850 and €3000 or more. It is also advisable to check second hand to see if there are any cheap offers. Safety items such as road biking helmets or road biking glasses should definitely be bought new.


Everything about road biking: Films, series and podcasts

You just can't get enough of road cycling? No problem! Here are some recommendations for you which you have to check out. 


Equipment: What should bring when you are road biking? 

The right road bike clothing: What do I have to consider?

Road bike clothing is not always the same as road bike clothing. There are differences in material, shape and cut. Depending on your needs and your physique, you should choose comfortable and well-fitting clothing. In general, road bike clothing has a tighter and lighter cut than MTB clothing. The outfit consists of either a jersey and trousers or a skinsuit.


Protection and safety on the racing bike: A suitable helmet and road biking glasses are a must-have

When riding a road bike, a helmet and road bike glasses are particularly important in order to be perfectly protected. The glasses should be large to protect against wind, dust and insects and to protect your eyes from the sun. When buying, make sure that the racing bike helmet fits your glasses. Only if the two components provide a comfortable fit, then they will protect you perfectly. 
NAKED Optics Insider Tip: We have tested a few road cycling helmets for you. Here you can find all recommendations.


Road bike shoes: Buy cheap and much more

Road bike shoes have the important function of guaranteeing optimal power transmission. There is a difference between click and flat pedals. Flat pedals and shoes are necessary for MTB rides. Road cyclists use click pedals to be firmly connected to the bike. This prevents the shoe from slipping and gives you more control when driving. In addition, click pedals generate power with every pedaling phase, which in turn accelerates the drive. If you are looking for cheap road bike shoes, you should definitely stop by here.


Road biking nutrition: How to increase your performance

A healthy and balanced diet is the be-all and end-all - this also applies to road biking. This allows you to increase your performance on the road biking and get maximum performance. It is particularly important to pay attention to the optimal timing and the right amount. Getting the nutrients your body needs at the right time can make a huge difference. In general, the following applies to nutrition: Consume little industrial sugar and fat and incorporate sufficient carbs, proteins and fresh fruit and vegetables into the nutrition plan. On long rides, many racing cyclists also rely on high-carb drinks, gels and bars.

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