Get your sports glasses ready for winter

Hannah Neuhauser

Winter is just around the corner and with it numerous sports that are waiting for you. With ice,wind, snow, rain and sunshine, it is not that easy to find the right equipment and sports glasses in winter. So that you are really optimally equipped this season, we have all the information ready for you to find the best sports glasses for the winter.

Why do I need sports glasses in winter?

Anyone who likes to do sports in winter will quickly notice that their eyes are particularly vulnerable. Cold wind, rain, snow and ice crystals irritate the eyes. This is not only uncomfortable, but can also be really dangerous. To avoid this situation, sports glasses can help in winter. On beautiful winter days it can also be very sunny. You should not underestimate these UV rays because, just like in summer, they can damage your eyes.

The right “winter sports glasses”

The optimal winter sports glasses are as versatile as the various winter sports themselves. Depending on the weather and the incidence of light, you need different lenses in winter. On rainy or snowy days when there is little natural light, glasses with clear lenses are the best choice as they don't block light but still protect your eyes. On sunny days, it is best to wear sunglasses with UV protection. On particularly beautiful days with lots of sunshine on the glacier, the UV exposure for your eyes is very high, as the surrounding snow also reflects the sunlight. Sports glasses with particularly dark tinted lenses are now in demand. If you don't want to buy new sports glasses for every occasion, we recommend sports glasses with interchangeable lenses. The NAKED Optics models The HAWK and The FALCON are therefore ideal as sports glasses for the winter.

💡 NAKED Optics insider tip 💡

If the icy wind on your face bothers you despite your winter sports glasses, we have the right solution for you. For the NAKED Optics sports glasses models The HAWK and The FALCON we have therefore developed an additional foam pad that adapts to your face. This way your sports glasses lie directly on your face without creating an annoying slit between glasses and face through which cold wind can access. In addition, with this goggle upgrade you can replace the temples of your sports glasses with a rubber band, similar to ski goggles. So your sports glasses fit even better in winter.

Sports glasses are so versatile in winter

The areas of application for sports glasses are just as diverse in winter as they are in summer. They are ideal for cycling, ski touring, cross-country skiing or, of course, as winter running goggles. In general, it is recommended to wear sports glasses around your eyes when doing outdoor sports. You don't necessarily need new glasses for this. In most cases, you can simply continue to wear your running glasses in winter. Here you can find out more about sports glasses in winter and why they are indispensable, especially when cycling.

Credits: Florian Dorn 

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