It's a match: Perfect road cycling bike glasses for your helmet

Linda Eigner

As with MTB, enduro and downhill biking, a helmet is also essential for road cycling. Road cycling helmets offer protection on the streets, are specially tailored to the needs of road cyclists and have an aerodynamic shape for high speeds. Finding the right helmet is not that easy. What functions does a road cycling helmet have? How does a road cycling helmet fit properly and what size do I need? In this article you can find out what you should consider when buying a road cycling helmet and which racing bike helmets are a perfect match for NAKED Optics cycling glasses .

What can you find in this guide - Road cycling helmets for your sports glasses

  1. What functions does a road cycling helmet have?
  2. Different helmet safety systems
  3. What helmet size do I need?
  4. How does a helmet fit properly?
  5. Road cycling helmets test 2023: These helmets match the NAKED sports glasses

What functions does a racing cycling helmet have?

Helmets for road cycling are primarily characterized by their light weight and aerodynamics. When riding a road bike, you mostly sit crouched down. This makes the shape different from ordinary enduro and MTB helmets. A racing bike helmet is not always the same as a racing bike helmet. Depending on the needs of racing cyclists, you can choose between different models: Very light road cycling helmets, aero racing bike helmets, road cycling helmets with a safety system (MIPS, SPIN, WavelCel), time trial helmets or visor helmets. Keep in mind: Make sure that you get the right road bike helmet for your needs.

Different helmet safety systems

When buying your bicycle helmet, make sure that it is equipped with a safety system. There are different technologies like "MIPS" and "WaveCel". They aim is to reduce rotational forces and protect you. MIPS in particular is used by many branded helmets. MIPS is an abbreviation for "Multidirectional Impact Protection System" and tries to reduce rotational forces that can affect your head in the event of a fall. This can reduce the risk of concussion or serious traumatic brain injury. The technology works with a moveable inner shell. In the event of an impact, the acting forces can be reduced and redirected.

How do I find the right helmet size for my road cycling helmet?

Road cycling helmets can only protect you if they fit properly. It is therefore essential to wear the right helmet size. If you buy the bike helmet in a store, you can easily try it on and see if it fits well. If you buy the road bike helmet online, you should definitely know your head size in order to order the right model. You can usually find a size chart for guidance on the manufacturer's product pages. You can also easily measure your head circumference with a measuring tape. You simply have to lead this around the head: start measuring in the middle of the forehead (above the eyebrows) and lead the measuring tape once around the head. You will find the most common helmets in the following sizes: S (55/56 cm head circumference), M (57/58 cm), L (59/60 cm) and XL (61/62 cm) or in double sizes such as M/L.

How does a road cycling helmet fit properly?

The fit of the helmet is the be-all and end-all and should be the top priority when buying one. It can only protect you 100% if it fits well and comfortably. The best way to find out whether the fit is right is to put on the helmet. It should be placed horizontally on your head and not ride too far down your face or neck. If you're wearing the racing bike helmet and shaking your head, it shouldn't slip under any circumstances. If it doesn't pinch and move, then you've found the perfect road bike helmet .

Road bike helmets test 2023: These helmets match the NAKED sports glasses

An important criterion when buying a road cycling helmet is of course that the helmet is compatible with the glasses. The glasses and the helmet should close in such a way that the racing bike helmet does not slip when cycling and sits comfortably. To make your purchase decision easier, we have tested a few common helmet models. Here you will find our recommendations 👇

The POC Omne Air road cycling helmet in the color Sapphire Purple Matt is equipped with the MIPS safety system and offers optimal protection on the road bike. We tested it in size S (50-56cm). The racing bike helmet goes perfectly with our sports glasses The VOLT and The HAWK.

POC road bike helmet POC road bike helmet can be combined very well with The HAWK


In our road cycling helmet test, the Uvex Boss Rice was also combined with our sports glasses. The bicycle helmet is unisex and suitable for men and women and is equipped with an aerodynamic ventilation design with 19 ventilation channels. Our sports glasses The VOLT and The FALCON fit perfectly with the helmet .

The Uvex road bike helmet can be easily combined with The VOLT sports glasses. Uvex road bike helmet with The FALCON


We also tested the Giro Isode in gray for you. The road bike helmet is equipped with the MIPS technology and has quick-drying padding. We can recommend our cycling glasses The FALCON and The VOLT for the helmet, as they can be perfectly combined with each other, giving you a perfect view of the road bike.

Giro's road bike helmet is a perfect match for The FALCON sports glasses The VOLT sports glasses are the perfect pair of glasses for road cycling and go perfectly with Giro's road bike helmet


ABUS was also represented in our road cycling helmet test with the ABUS Viantor road bike helmet model. The sporty bike helmet for beginners is unisex and equipped with a ventilation system. Both our sports glasses The VOLT and The HAWK fit perfectly with the helmet and offer a comfortable fit in combination.

Find the right glasses for the Abus bike helmet Abu's bike helmet


In the 2023 road cycling helmet test, we also combined the Giro Foray in size Small (51-55 cm) with our sports glasses. The road bike helmet in a light and slim design has MIPS technology and is a robust in-mold construction. Our sports glasses The VOLT and The HAWK can be optimally combined with this racing bike helmet. 

The Giro women's road bike helmet is the perfect combination with The HAWK The Giro road bike helmet works well with The VOLT


Buy road cycling glasses for a road cycling helmet online

The cycling glasses from NAKED Optics fit the most modern and most common road cycling helmets. If you want to check whether there are already racing cyclists with your helmet in the NAKED community, then take a look on Instagram. Our community is happy to share their experiences and equipment: #nakedoptics #lifeisbetternaked

Credits: Christiane Freimann & Florian Dorn

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