Removing scratches from ski goggles - is that possible?

Hannah Neuhauser

With frequent use, it can happen that your ski goggles get a scratch. We'll tell you how you don't let it get that far. You will also learn what you can do if your ski goggles actually get scratched.

Mirrored ski goggles: avoid scratches – this is how it works

Your ski goggles will last the longest if you take good care of them. During shorter breaks during your skiing day, for example when you stop at the hut, you can put a protective cover over your ski goggles. This can be helpful, since mirrored ski goggles in particular can cause scratches if you drop the goggles or if you put them down carelessly.

Properly stowed away, the ski goggles last the longest

Even if you are not skiing or snowboarding, you can avoid scratches in your ski goggles. It is best to use a suitable case for this. Not only do you avoid having to remove scratches from your ski goggles, the other components (frame and foam) are also optimally protected. There is also a protective cover for the interchangeable lenses. so you can take your glasses with you wherever you go without worrying.

Remove scratches from ski goggles with the right care

Unfortunately, once the ski goggles are scratched, there is nothing you can do about it. Various blogs and videos promise great results using simple home remedies. Unfortunately, these miracle cures usually do more damage than they repair. Polishing and cleaning agents attack not only the scratches but also the sensitive coating of the ski goggles. So if you want to remove scratches from your ski goggles, it can happen that new scratches appear. You can find out how to properly clean your ski goggles here.

Which really helps against scratches in ski goggles

Scratches in ski goggles are also an annoying problem for us. NAKED Optics was founded to solve exactly this. With our ski goggles it is possible to change the lens in a few moments. You don't always have to buy new ski goggles, you can simply replace the scratched glass inexpensively. So you can enjoy your ski goggles for a particularly long time.

Incidentally, our interchangeable lenses also have another function. Here you can find out what else they can do and what you need to consider when buying new ski goggles.


Credits: Florian Dorn

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