Everything for the perfect ski: Apprenticeship as a ski construction technician

Linda Eigner

Do you love skiing and would you like to work on it day and night? How about turning your hobby into a job? This is possible as a ski construction technician. We have an overview for you with the most important information about the training to become a ski construction technician.

Training to become a ski construction technician

In order to be able to work as a ski construction technician, you need an apprenticeship. The dual apprenticeship training in Austria lasts 3 years and is completed on the one hand in a training company and on the other hand in a vocational school. There are a few companies that train ski construction technology apprentices: Atomic, Fischer or, for example, ORIGINAL+.

In Austria, the vocational school is in Steyr, where the teaching content is closely linked to that of the plastics technician. The dual training therefore enables a perfect mix of theory and practice in order to learn the teaching content of materials science through to ski production.

The professional field and the various areas of responsibility

As a ski construction technician you have varied and exciting tasks. In addition to CAD-supported ski development, design creation and printing (digital and screen printing), the tasks also include grinding and assembly work or service and maintenance of the skis. Important equipment for the production of the skis are the CNC machines (computer numerical control) and presses. The skis are made from different woods. Knowledge of ski geometry, vibration behavior and damping is very important for this. In order to develop the perfect product for the end customer, there are of course also some quality and function checks in the test laboratory on the agenda. As a ski construction technician, you are involved in the process from the idea of ​​the design to the ski assembly.

The training company ORIGNAL+

Good news if we've piqued your interest: ORIGINAL+ in Salzburg is currently looking for new apprentices in ski production. 🔥 A young company, many nice colleagues and an exciting apprenticeship are waiting for you. You can find more information about the training here.

Credits: Armin Rauthner & Stefan Machold

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