Art as a guest at NAKED Optics

Linda Eigner

"Art speaks where words are unable to explain" - This is exactly what could describe the passion of the young artist Julian Eisen . Painting plays an important role in his life. The pin-up girl for the new NAKED Optics Skiing Girl T-shirt was also created in cooperation with Julian . He told us where the idea for the motif came from and what inspired him for his artworks.

Julian Eisen: The boy from Bad Goisern

The Salzkammergut is not only one of the most beautiful regions in Austria, but also the home of Julian Eisen. Art has accompanied him since his childhood . "I've actually been into artistic things since I was little," he says. Since 2017 he has counted painting as one of his greatest passions, alongside sport. “ For me, sport and art are a good balance in everyday life. In winter I also work as a ski instructor,” says Julian. For him, a great motivation for painting is above all personal improvement. The more he paints, the better he becomes and the more motivation he gains for future works. His motifs are varied and reflect personal interests . How much time he invests in a work of art varies greatly. He usually needs between 10 and 50 hours for one motif. The tools and techniques that Julian uses are just as varied as his subjects. This year he also discovered oil painting for himself.

The NAKED Optics Skiing Girl: How did the idea come about?

In the collaboration with NAKED Optics, Julian was once again able to prove his passion for painting. The basic idea was to design a t-shirt with a pin-up girl. That he will implement this idea on an oil painting, but not yet clear at the beginning of the project. But Julian already had the motif in mind: girls in combination with skiing . Just two important aspects in his life. Together with photographer Mario Kain and model Lisa Schwaiger , he was able to put the idea of ​​the perfect motif into practice and laid the foundation for the NAKED Optics Skiing Girl. His plan to paint the motif in a retro style and to go in a new direction was particularly encouraged by the pop artist Mel Ramos . "I saw a video of him. That confirmed me correctly in my question of whether I should do it. The video really inspired me and was like a flash of inspiration," says Julian. Said and done. The result is also impressive. After the oil painting was created, the motif was digitized and printed on the t-shirt. Julian showed one thing above all with this project: Uniqueness and passion can be perfectly expressed through painting. NAKED Optics is sure to hear a lot more from the young artist from the Salzkammergut. Stay tuned for more!

How do I get a t-shirt?

The new NAKED Optics T-shirt with the unique print has another highlight to offer in addition to the special motif of Julian. It was produced in a sheltered workshop in Salzburg (GWS) . Every purchase supports the work of people with disabilities. Round off your style and secure your own Skiing Girl in our online shop .

Credits: Mario Cain

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