Bike trends 2023: The most popular bikes for your summer

Linda Eigner

The bike season in the bike parks has already begun. The bike routes are also well attended, especially on the weekends. So it's high time you got the perfect companion for your next tour. We have summarized for you which 3 bikes are particularly popular this summer.

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Gravel Bike: The all-rounder among bikes

If you are looking for a bike, Gravel Bikes is the place to be. Gravel bikes are a mixture of cyclocross bikes and racing bikes. Gravel means gravel in German. Gravel bikes were developed primarily for surfaces away from asphalt. Fast and easy driving is therefore guaranteed even on long journeys. Gravel bike frames can be made of steel, aluminum, carbon or titanium. The seating position is more upright due to the frame geometry. This relieves the hands, especially on long journeys.

E-mountain bike for long tours

It's not just gravel bikes that are booming right now. E-mountain bikes are also more popular than ever. Among other things, the bikes are perfect for longer tours after work. They can be used both off-road and on leisurely tours. As a result, e-mountain bikes are not only suitable for experienced endurance athletes, but also for beginners.

Fast downhill with enduro bikes

Enduro bikes are the perfect companions for all outdoor lovers who prefer things to be faster and prefer technical trails. Thanks to the descent- oriented geometry, they are particularly suitable for downhilling. Due to the heavier tires, enduro bikes are heavier than, for example, all-mountain bikes. Uphill is therefore more demanding than downhill. Enduro bikes have become indispensable in the bike park.

Bike parks in Austria

You have a new bike and you really want to test it? How about in one of the bike parks in Austria? We have selected and tested the 5 most beautiful for you. You can read more about it on our blog.

Credits: Florian Dorn

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