Becoming a ski and snowboard instructor in Austria

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If you would like to pass on your passion for skiing or snowboarding to others, a training as a ski or snowboard instructor can be the ideal path for you. We asked the Snowsports Academy how the training works and which qualifications are needed. In this blog post you will find out everything about becoming a snowboard and ski instructor in Austria . ⛷️🏂❄️


Training to become a snowboard and ski instructor: Tasks and requirements

📝 NAKED Optics: What are the education levels as a ski and snowboard instructor in Austria?

👉 Stefan from the Snowsports Academy: "First there is the snowboard instructor "Anwärter". This is the classic training of professional snowboard instructors. The training to become a "Anwärter" lasts 10 days. Then follows the 10-day training course to become a "Landesskilehrer" and then the 7-day alpine course (Alpinkurs). Then you can do the state snowboard instructor training (staatliche Ausbildung). It runs through the Federal Sports Academy Innsbruck. The other training courses are carried out by the 8 regional associations.”

📝 NAKED Optics: How does a typical training to become an instructior looks like?

👉 Stefan: "The training lasts 10 days - 9 snow days and 1 exam day. The students are out and about in the snow during the day. You have a short lunch break and in the afternoon you are on the road again. Then you ski and snowboard down the mountain and have a theory block and enjoy dinner. Sometimes you then have another theory block or you try to prepare yourself optimally for the exam in self-study. The test itself is divided into three parts. The first part is a theory test followed by a practical part. In this second part you have to show what you can do on the equipment on the slopes and off-piste. Then there is a methodical-practical part. You show your teaching performance in this part.”


Tips for preparing for the snowboard or ski instructor training

📝 NAKED Optics: How good does the personal level have to be if you want to start training as a instructor?

👉 Stefan: "You should come down safely on a red slope."

📝 NAKED Optics: Do you need previous pedagogical knowledge for the training?

👉 Stefan: "No, you don't need one. But it is good if you are communicative and open to talk to people in order to teach others how to ski and snowboard.”

📝 NAKED Optics: In which languages ​​is the training offered?

👉 Stefan: "The training is offered in two languages, in German and in English."


International training opportunities at the Snowsports Academy

📝 NAKED Optics: Are the training courses internationally recognized?

👉 Stefan: "The training is definitely internationally recognized. There is such a credit system that is actually discussed with other countries and associations all over the world. There are precise classifications where each level counts. In France it is a bit more difficult with the classification, but all other countries are actually quite willing to cooperate.”

📝 NAKED Optics: We have seen that the training does not only take place in Austria. Where are you represented and how often do training courses take place elsewhere?

👉 Stefan: "There are courses in Greece, the Netherlands, Argentina, Dubai, Cairo and Asia. In these countries we only have an office in Holland. We do not have an office in the other countries. In Greece we do a training every year. In the Netherlands we are also responsible for training sports teachers there. Sports teachers who opt for outdoor sports do the winter part with the Snowsports Academy. In Argentina there is also a training once a year. In Dubai and Cairo, we also train ski and snowboard instructors in the hall. Whenever they need something, they get in touch. That's how it works in China too.”

📝 NAKED Optics: How much can you earn as a ski or snowboard instructor in Austria?

👉 Stefan: "It's very different and depends on the country or even the federal state. There is definitely an east-west divide. That's quite difficult to answer and is probably also a matter of negotiation, what you negotiate with the ski schools."

A look behind the scenes with Stefan from the Snowsports Academy.

📝 NAKED Optics: What are your responsibilities at the Snowsports Academy?

👉 Stefan: "I'm the head of training at the Snowsports Academy and I'm responsible for the snowboard instructors, so that everyone pulls together. I also sometimes take care of the division of the courses.”

📝 NAKED Optics: How long have you been skiing or snowboarding? 

👉 Stefan: "I've been skiing for ages. I started snowboarding at the age of 12 and then mutated into an absolute snowboarder.”

📝 NAKED Optics: As an absolute ski connoisseur: What should not be missed on a perfect day of skiing?

👉 Stefan: "One thing that should definitely not be missed is my personal preference powder."

📝 NAKED Optics: What is your favorite area?

👉 Stefan: "In Austria it's Ischgl. I think it is extremely nice there. It's almost like Arlberg, only without the long flat sections after the great descents. This means you're much faster on the next slope with your snowboard. Internationally, I don't think Japan and Alaska are that bad either 😀"

📝 NAKED Optics: Finally, we would like to know what your favorite meal at the hut is?

👉 Stefan: "Lentils with dumplings. A bit old school, but awesome."


Interview partner: Stefan

You can find more information about how to become a snowboard and ski instructor here at Snowsports Academy

Credits: Mathäus Gartner

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