Summer 2023: 5 beautiful hiking trails in Austria

Linda Eigner

The most popular activities for outdoor lovers this summer are hiking or hanging out with friends at the lake . These two activities can be perfectly combined thanks to the beautiful landscape and nature in Austria. Your NAKED Optics team has researched 5 great hiking trails all over the country near the lake . So pack your hiking shoes and bathing suit , put on your sports glasses and off you go.

  • The Sonnstein at the Traunsee (Upper Austria)
  • The Bleckwand at Lake Wolfgang (SBG)
  • Kleiner Schoberstein and Frauenkopf at Lake Fuschl (SBG)
  • Ebner Joch am Achensee (T)
  • From the Kohlröselhütte to the Naggler Alm and Weißensee (KTN)

The Sonnstein at the Traunsee in Upper Austria

The first excursion tip takes us to Upper Austria . To be more precise, in the small town of Ebensee . The community is not only known for a colorful carnival, but also for a breathtaking landscape. A highlight of this is the mountain Sonnstein , which consists of the small and large Sonnstein . The starting points for the hike are in Trauneck or Traunkirchen . From here it goes up to 923m to the small Sonnstein. If you still have enough power reserves, you can head for the next summit, namely the large Sonnstein at 1,037m . Both peaks can be reached in just under 3 hours . The ascent is rewarded with a great view of the Traunsee region. This is also perfect for a dip in the cool water after the hike. There are enough bathing spots around the lake.

The Bleckwand at the Wolfgangsee in Salzburg

An absolute must for every outdoor lover is without a doubt the Bleckwand in the Salzkammergut . The mountain attracts attention mainly through the rock window at the summit , which is perfect for a unique souvenir photo. The hike can be started either in Geschwendt, Strobl or even further up at a toll station . Depending on the starting point, the summit at 1,516m is reached in around 2.30 hours . Once at the top, you are not only offered an absolutely great view of Lake Wolfgang , but also of the Schafberg .

NAKED Optics insider tip : For all thirsty hikers among you: At the Bleckwandhütte there is a delicious wheat beer just before the summit.

Kleiner Schoberstein and Frauenkopf at Fuschlsee in Salzburg

Attention all nature boys and girls: you should definitely put the small Schoberstein and the Frauenkopf near Fuschl am See on your hiking list. Thanks to the secured climbing passages, everyone gets their money's worth on this hike. The starting point is either in the center of Fuschl am See or at the forester's lodge in Wartenfels . The summit of the small Schoberstein at 1,328m and the summit of the Frauenkopf at 1,300m are not far apart. They can be enforced within 1 hour . From the top you can enjoy the wonderful view of the turquoise-blue Lake Fuschl . This is definitely suitable for a chilled afternoon with friends.

Ebner Joch at the Achensee in Tyrol

In the west of Austria there are also great and challenging hikes. One of them leads to the Ebner Joch near the largest lake in Tyrol, the Achensee . There are different starting points. The mountain tour can be started either in Maurach or at a parking lot in Eben . The path leads over the Buchaueralmund avalanche embankments to the 1,957m high summit of the Ebner Joch. At the top, the ascent is rewarded with a great view of the Rofan and Karwendel mountains . The hike to the summit takes about 4 hours . The Achensee then offers the perfect finale. There, outdoor lovers can try some unusual water activities such as surfing or sailing .

Fun fact: did you know that the water level of Lake Achensee is drained in the winter months to prevent meltwater?

From the Kohlröselhütte to the Naggler Alm and the Weißensee in Carinthia

A 4.30 hour hike awaits every mountain lover in Carinthia . To be more precise, it goes from the Kohlröselhütte to the Naggler Alm . Afterwards, the Weißensee is suitable for a leisurely end. The starting point of the hike is either in the Gitschtal or optionally also at the Weißensee mountain station , which can be reached by mountain railway. The summit is at 1,532m and can be reached from below in around 4.30 hours . The effort is then rewarded with a wonderful view and can be rounded off with a dip in the Weißensee.

To the summit, get set, go

One thing to be said in advance: No matter which hike you choose, the right equipment and accessories are very important both on the mountain and on the lake . In addition to good hiking shoes , suitablesports glasses should not be missing from the equipment for outdoor activities . For the perfect view you should definitely check out our new modelThe FALCON . The multifunctional sunglasses not only look cool, but thanks to the simple interchangeable system , they also enable optimal vision in all conditions . Bergheil!


Photo by Alin Andersen on Unsplash

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