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🌨 Super anti-fog coating (300% more against fogging)

🧲 30% higher magnetic power

🌍 CO 2 RE® material (65% bio-plastic)

🌈 4 different designs

👀 7 magnetic interchangeable lenses



Take your skiing experience to a whole new level with The NOVA. The ski goggles combine the latest innovations, practical functions and unique designs in one product. The NOVA is equipped with the SnapTech magnetic system. The extremely strong magnets of the ski goggles hold even on fast descents, long jumps and wild freeride tours in the terrain. This allows you to easily change the magnetic ski goggle lens within a few seconds. The lenses of the ski goggles have a super anti-fog coating on the inside. This makes the ski goggles 300% more resistant to fogging compared to other ski goggles.

Snowboard goggles and ski goggles for men and women

The ski goggles and snowboard goggles consist of 65% sustainable bio-plastic (CO 2 RE®). CO 2 RE® stands for Carbon-Dioxide Recirculated Material and is a bio-based plastic. This new plastic uses CO 2 from the atmosphere during plant growth thanks to photosynthesis. As a result, less fossil carbon is used. On the one hand, the material is better for the environment than conventional plastic and on the other hand the frame of the new ski goggles is just as robust, wind- and weather-resistant as all our other models. You can find more information about the innovative material mixture on our blog.

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With air flow channels the air circulates perfectly and the moisture is transported away. As a result, the ski goggles cannot fog up on the ski slope. So that you can enjoy a unique skiing experience for many hours, the ski goggles and snowboard goggles have a three-layer foam and a bombproof frame. The goggles stay in the right position even during fast turns and adventurous freerides in the backcountry. Moreover, the glasses fit on almost any helmet.

Ski goggles with magnetic interchangeable lenses: Be prepared for all conditions

The double lenses of the ski goggles are unbreakable and offer 100% UV protection. Thanks to the SnapTech magnetic exchange system, The NOVA allows you to have one ski goggle for all weather and light conditions. It doesn't matter if it's snowing, foggy or sunny - with the magnet interchangeable lenses you are prepared for everything and you can quickly and easily adapt to all upcoming weather conditions. A total of 7 magnetic interchangeable lenses are available:

name of the glass


Suitable for

VLT (visible light transmission)


category 0

night skiing

80 to 100% VLT

Bad Weather

category 1


40 to 80% VLT

Purple-Green bad weather

category 1

Snowfall/fog and flat light

40 to 80% VLT

Red lens

category 2

Cloudy and partly sunny weather

18 to 43% VLT

Blue lens

category 2

Cloudy and partly sunny weather

18 to 43% VLT

Pink lens

category 3

bright daylight

8 to 18% VLT

Black lens

category 4

Bright sunshine

3 to 8% VLT


An eye-catcher on the slopes and at après ski: ski goggles with unique designs

With The NOVA you are an eye catcher for sure. It is available in four different designs. 

  • The NOVA STEPP with a blue lens (CAT. 2)
  • The NOVA BIRD with a pink lens (CAT. 3)
  • The NOVA LEAF with a red lens (CAT. 2)
  • The NOVA Moonlight with a black lens (CAT. 4)


Replacement straps are also available for an unmistakable style on the slopes. The NAKED Optics Straps are compatible with the following snowboard goggles and ski goggles: The STORM , The TROOP EVO , The FORCE EVO .


Ski goggles with interchangeable lenses

To enjoy all the advantages of our snowboard goggles and ski goggles, two different bundles are optionally available.

  • The NOVA Extra Lens Bundle
  • The NOVA Deluxe Bundle

Accessories such as replacement lenses, replacement straps or cases for replacement lenses can also be reordered in the online shop at any time.

Customer reviews

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Bernd H

Horny glasses Habibi

Marie Sophie F.
Love these goggles - ski goggles Nova

Super cool glasses. Tried it out successfully on the glacier. The winter can come!!

Thomas H
Nova glasses

I'm super happy with my new Nova glasses. I had the Troop before and I have to say I'm really excited about the Nova! I was able to test them first, but everything was great here! Clear recommendation.

Naked optics nova

Fits almost perfectly with the Giro ledge helmet

Lennart Z
Everything top

Great value for money

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Flash Leafs (Red Lens - Cat. 2)
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