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In order to be the absolute eye-catcher on the slopes, you should get our GLOBE model. With an extra large 160° field of vision, combined with an all-round suitable HD glass, you have the perfect view. The glasses also protect 100% from UV rays and have a scratch-resistant surface seal. An air-flow system prevents the glasses from fogging up. If the weather suddenly changes, you can replace the glass with the help of a simple plug-in system.

The goggles are equipped with an anti-slip strap so that nothing slips when you swing. Our GLOBE comes in two designs: (1) white with a red lens and (2) green with a red lens.


Customer reviews

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Tamas K.


Almost perfect glasses

So one thing in advance. This really is high-level whining! I bought the glasses with the white edge and the reddish glass (all-round glass). The goggles are super ventilated thanks to the large air openings. However, no snow or stinging drafts can penetrate as this is prevented by a thin layer of foam behind the ventilation openings. Cool! Fogging doesn't do anything. On the contrary, as soon as the relieving airstream sets in, the glasses (eyeglasses) also clear up again. I wear prescription glasses with large lenses but with very narrow temples. The combination works very well with the Globe, even with no savings in the foam on the side. In my opinion, the Globe is therefore well suited for people who wear glasses, also because it does not press the glasses on the face due to the large surface. In my opinion, the darkening works so well that it works well for a maximum of 3/4 cloudiness. However, when it gets darker (fog, snowfall, etc.), what is seen feels too dark. The view is best when the weather is nice (of course everything is subjective). But I would still appreciate an "all-round glass" with a little less darkening, because for me it would then hit the middle of light and dark a little better. What irritated me a bit at first, but I got used to it, was the change in color of the tint at the lower edge of the view. There the glass changes from bluish to reddish. However, the change takes place so far down in the field of view that you don't really get anything from the suspected increase in contrast through color changes in the lower field of view. Everything else is really great. What is also really great is the silicone strip on the inside of the band. With a helmet with a smooth surface, you have to hit it hard to throw the goggles off the helmet (I'm telling you from experience, because I've already done it;).
Conclusion: Cool glasses, fits great, glass doesn't fog up and the lettering alone is impressive. The function is also almost perfect except for the change in contrast that is too low and too dark for me for "all-round". 4.5 stars from me.

Christian M

Great glasses and great service

Nadine H
Price-performance TOP

Quality, optics, price, delivery and customer service are simply TOP! Everything is quick and easy. The glasses fit perfectly and you have a great view with them! Would order and buy again at any time!

John K
Unbeatable price/performance ratio.

The glasses were delivered quickly. The glasses have a large field of vision and a pleasant daytime feeling and feel very valuable. This price/performance ratio cannot be topped.

Volker S
Top ski goggles

The glasses have a good fit and, above all, a large field of vision. I already have two pairs of glasses and can only recommend them. Very good value for money.

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White (Red Lens)
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