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Lens Color: Clear - Cat. 0
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So that you can feature your TROOP bike for every adventure, we have a few more offers for you:

(1): With a clear lens you can see through all bike parks and downhill races. The glass has category 0 and therefore absorbs up to 20% of the light. This glass is therefore suitable for cloudy days or at dusk. A pin connector system makes it possible to exchange the glasses within a few seconds.

(2): Our blue replacement lens offers you a varied style. This is category 2. The lens therefore absorbs up to 82% of the light and is suitable for sunny days with good visibility. Attention: This option only includes the glass without the frame. Here, too, it is possible to attach the blue glass using the pin connector system.

(3): You couldn't decide whether you want your TROOP BIKE with a blue or red lens? No problem! You can have both and change the glasses within a few seconds thanks to the pin connection system. Our red lens is also category 2 and absorbs 82% of the light. Attention: This option is also just the glass without a frame.

(4): If there is a risk of something getting on the lens on the route, you can easily protect your TROOP BIKE with our tear-off films. These are also particularly suitable for races where quick reactions are required. This offer includes 10 pieces. So you are guaranteed to have a clear view.

Customer reviews

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Nathalie P

Everything is fine, as always!

Top design at a top price

I bought the Troop Bike Stevie Schneider - Pro Model (Purple/Green Lens) glasses and use them for biking in the bike park and for quad biking. In the bike park, the purple/green lens gives you a great view of the trail, even in changing conditions. The same with quad driving in traffic, except that it reflects a bit on very sunny days. That's why I got the blue glass (Cat2) for quad driving, but haven't tested it yet.
Since I wear glasses, I initially considered whether the glasses would fit or not, but I took the risk and must say that my glasses fit into the glasses without any problems and do not bother me, so my initial headache was in vain.
Now to the design:
The absolute eye-catcher. It has often been asked what kind of GEILE glasses are, and they are!
Now for the conclusion:
I can only recommend the glasses and would buy them again in a heartbeat.
Kind regards

Rick T
Fantastic glasses

The glasses are perfect for every weather condition. Al day I had clear sight on the moantain and the glasses are very comfortable.

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Lens TROOP Bike
Clear - Cat. 0
19,99 €