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Matching sports glasses for long training sessions

Whether running, triathlon, hiking or cycling - a comfortable fit is a must even during long and intensive training sessions. Therefore, when buying, you should make sure that the sports glasses have an adjustable nose piece and rubberized temples. This keeps the goggles exactly where they should be even on a sweaty hike and prevents annoying slipping. Our multifunctional sports glasses The HAWK and The FALCON also have a magnetic sweatband. This keeps your eyes dry even during strenuous training sessions. In addition, a retainer can be attached to the ends of the temples on The HAWK and The FALCON . As a result, the perfect hold is secured for sure.


Sporty allrounder: Glasses can be used in many different ways

High-quality sports glasses are also characterized by many functions and a wide range of uses. Once you have found the right model, you can use sports glasses for many outdoor activities. So you don't have to buy separate racing bike goggles, running goggles, triathlon goggles or cross-country skiing goggles.


The right lens for sports glasses: What should I know?

The most important function of sports sunglasses is of course to protect the eyes. 100% UV400 protection is essential. In addition to UV protection, the tint of the sports glasses is also an important selection factor. Sportglasses lenses have different anti-glare categories. In general, we can choose between glasses with category 0 to category 4 (CAT. 0 to CAT. 4). Depending on the category, the amount of light coming through the glass varies. Depending on the lighting conditions or the weather conditions, you can find the right lens. Category 0 (CAT. 0) lenses are transparent and particularly recommended for very dark and foggy conditions or when trail running through the forest. Lenses with filter category 1 (CAT. 1) are also suitable for low-light and poorer conditions. Category 2 and 3 (CAT. 2 and CAT. 3), on the other hand, are good all-round glasses. Sports glasses with CAT. 2 and CAT. 3 lenses are perfect for normal to fair conditions. If you are mainly out and about in sunny conditions, then sports glasses with light category 4 (CAT. 4) are the right ones. 


Sports glasses with interchangeable lenses: Prepared for all eventualities

Anyone who likes to be out and about in the nature knows how quickly the weather can change and how often the light conditions can change. Sports glasses with interchangeable lenses are the solution to this problem. Thanks to the simple exchange system, the lenses of the multifunctional glasses The HAWK and The FALCON can be exchanged within a few seconds. This means you are perfectly equipped for all weather conditions.


Polarized sports glasses: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

For many outdoor athletes it is important that the sports glasses are equipped with a polarizing filter. But what does polarization actually mean? The filter minimizes disruptive reflections and enhances contrasts. Since you are exposed to many reflections, especially in the nature or on the water, many athletes rely on polarized sports glasses. One disadvantage of polarized lenses, however, is that it is more difficult to read smartphones, sports watches, bicycle computer displays or car dashboards. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of sports glasses with polarized lenses in the polarizing filter guide.


Self-tinting (photochromatic) sports glasses for men and women

Have you ever heard of photochromic cycling glasses? These are sports glasses that have self-tinting lenses. This is very useful, especially in changing light conditions, as you are equipped with sports glasses for different weather conditions. The lenses change from category 1 (CAT. 1) to category 3 (CAT. 3) and automatically become lighter and darker during the exercises. Of course, photochromic sports glasses also offer 100% UV400 protection and block harmful UVA and UVB rays.